The Wilderness Road ARC met at the Red Cross building in Danville with 11 members and 3 guests attending. Members present were John Montgomery K4OH, Ken Douglass KM4FRM, Bennie Kessler KB4UPW, Marshall McElfresh K4UKB, George Griebe WQ4Z, Zenah Teater KK4IYY,Chris Galbreath KG4UQL, John Lewis WD4LEW, Joel Haberman KU4KD, Ron Skelton W6WO guest, Roger Parsons KG4VC, Hugh Skelton guest, Jean Skelton XYL guest, Dan Lawson, KI4FTW.

The minutes from May were read by K4OH. K4UKB made a motion to accept the

minutes as read, WD4LEW 2nd the motion. The motion was approved by the members.

KK4IYY gave the treasure’s report. K4UKB made the motion to accept

the treasurer’s report and WD4LEW 2nd the motion. Members approved the motion.

KK4IYY stated that the bank was charging for paper statements and that electronic

statements were free. Members voted to accept the electronic statements.



Marshall K4UKB stated that several members have approached him about the voice

module installed in the repeater. The voice is distorted and CW would sound better.

Members voted to use CW for the repeater ID. Marshall K4UKB stated that he had

purchased a second Yaesu repeater for UHF operation.

W1AW/P and Centennial QSO Party Awards

John K4OH Stated that we have received the WAS certificate.

VE Testing

K4OH stated that the next VE testing will be July 25th.

Field Day

This is it field is only days away. Bill W9WA has donated 6 computers to the club for networking. Doug will bring the SSB station prepare the A3s tribander. John K4OH will bring the CW station, the GOTA station, R7 vertical, and the networked computers. John K4ft will bring the VHF station and generator. The club is buying dinner from KFC for 6pm Saturday night. Marshall K4ukb will bring it to the FD site. George WQ4Z will operate the GOTA station. Sharon KE4INO will bring pizza for lunch and the information boards. Chris KG4UQL will contact the judge executive, Dan KI4FTW stated that the RR Donnelly club house would be open by 8 AM. Please contact K4OH to see how you can be of help. Everyone is welcome to attend FD, Bring your family and friends June 27 & 28.

Marshall K4UKB Made a motion to close the meeting, WD4EW 2nd the motion and the WRARC meeting was closed.


Next Meeting

7:30 PM Tuesday, July 7th at the Red Cross building in Danville.

VE Testing

10 AM Saturday July 25th at the Red Cross building in Danville.


Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant, 1715 Perryville Rd, Danville.

2 Meter Net

Every Wednesday night at 8 PM EST – 145.310 with a sub audible tone of 100Hz

Field Day

June 27 & 28 2015 – Mark your calendars.

Web Site:

Respectfully submitted by John K4OH – WRARC President