The Wilderness Road ARC met at the Red Cross building in Danville with 12 members attending. Members present were KK4IYY, KU4KD, KG4UQL, WN4E, KA4SWT, KE4FMA, KM4FRM, W9WA, K4UKB, WD4LEW, K4FT and K4OH. The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by President John Montgomery K4OH. The minutes from April were read by K4FT. K4UKB made a motion to accept the minutes as read, WD4LEW 2nd the motion. The motion was approved by the members. KK4IYY gave the treasure’s report. K4UKB made the motion to accept the treasurer’s report and KU4KD 2nd the motion. Members approved the motion.



Marshall K4UKB has the new repeater voice module installed (donated by KU4KD) and programmed, it has been on the air at the repeater site. Please check it out and let us know what you think. Marshall also has sent in the warranty card and has it listed at Marshall and Doug KA4SWT are still going to try some things to improve the signal coverage of the repeater. Marshall wants to remind us that you will hear two drop outs on the repeater because of the short tail and this is normal. Thanks Marshall and Doug for all the work you have done on this project!

W1AW/P and Centennial QSO Party Awards

John K4FT brought the Centennial QSO Party certificate to the club meeting and John K4OH will soon have it hanging in the Club’s Radio room. We are still awaiting the WAS certificate.

VE Testing

The April 25th VE testing proved effective as all four candidates either upgraded or received a new license. Congratulations to Ken KM4FRM on his upgrade to General! The next test session will be July 25th.

Field Day

Things are proceeding as planned on field day preparations. Bill W9WA has donated 6 computers to the club for networking. Doug KA4SWT will organize the SSB station and prepare the triband, John K4OH will bring the CW station along with doing the networking for logging, John K4FT the VHF station and generator. O.C. Currens WN4E is going to check about the possibility of operating the SO-50 satellite. John K4OH will check with George WQ4Z about doing the GOTA station. The club is buying dinner from KFC for 6pm Saturday night and Marshall K4UKB will bring it out to the FD site. Please contact K4OH to see how you can be of help.

Everyone is welcome to attend FD, bring your family and friends June 27 & 28!


Bank Account

Treasurer KK4IYY reported that the bank is now charging $5 a month for paper statements. Joel KU4KD made a motion to go with electronic statements, Marshall K4UKB 2nd and the motion carried unanimously.

K4UKB made a motion to close the meeting, WD4LEW 2nd and the WRARC meeting closed at 8: pm.


Next Meeting

7:30 PM Tuesday, June 2nd at the Red Cross Building in Danville.

VE testing

10AM Saturday July 25 at the former Danville Red Cross


Los Rodeos – 240 Skywatch Drive Danville – 6PM JUNE 2ND (Next to Dollar General)

2 Meter Net

Every Wednesday at 8PM EST – 145.310 with a sub audible tone of 100Hz

Field Day

June 27 & 28 2015 – Mark your calendars

Web Site

Respectfully submitted by John K4FT – WRARC Secretary