The Wilderness Road ARC met at the Red Cross building in Danville with 12 members attending. Members present were KK4IYY, KG4VCR, KG4UQL, K4UKB, KA4SWT, KT4HR, KM4FRM, W9WA, WX4GPS, WD4LEW, K4FT and K4OH. The meeting was called to order at 7:39pm by President John Montgomery K4OH. The minutes from June were read by K4FT. K4UKB made a motion to accept the minutes but with a correction that he had bought a UHF repeater, not a VHF, W9WA 2nd the motion. The motion was approved by the members. KK4IYY gave the treasure’s report. K4UKB made the motion to accept the treasurer’s report and WD4LEW 2nd the motion. Members approved the motion.



Marshall K4UKB has changed the voice ID to CW and set the timer for 10 minutes.

VE Testing

The next test session will be July 25th 10am at the former Red Cross building.

Field Day

Things went well for FD this year! There is a lot of preparation that goes into this: Networking, Mesh system, power, antennas, SSB, CW, VHF, GOTA stations, displays and the food to mention a few. The weather was perfect and what a great site to have at R.R. Donnelley. Preliminary score shows well over 200 points more than last year. Thanks to all those who participated to make FD such a success!



John K4OH will make a request to Mike Wilder at the courthouse to get an extra key for the repeater site. John said that though it has not been requested by our trustee, he needs to have a key in case of emergency to shut down the repeater.

John K4OH requested the repeater be temporarily moved to the club station for coverage testing to determine if there is a problem with the antenna or feed line at the repeater site. Chris KG4UQL and Doug KA4SWT will work on setting a time to get this done.


Chris KG4UQL has been in contact with the Red Cross about the trailer parked behind the building.

The Red Cross in Lexington has donated the approximately 8 X 24 foot trailer to WRARC.

Thanks Chris and Doug KA4SWT for your work on this!


Marty KE4SHC needs help taking down his tower. He has donated the GP9 on the tower and a Gap antenna to the club.

If you would be willing to help please contact John K4FT.

K4UKB made a motion to close the meeting, W9WA 2nd and the WRARC meeting closed at 9 pm.


Next Meeting

7:30 PM Tuesday, August 4th at the Red Cross Building in Danville.


Bowlarama Lanes – 1050 E. Lexington Ave. Danville – 6PM August 4

VE testing

10AM Saturday July 25 at the former Danville Red Cross

2 Meter Net

Every Wednesday at 8PM EST – 145.310 with a sub audible tone of 100Hz

Web Site

Respectfully submitted by John K4FT – WRARC Secretary