The Wilderness Road ARC met at the home of Marshall McElfresh instead of The Red Cross building to look over the club trailer. There were 9 members and 1 guest attending. Members present were John Montgomery K4OH, Ken Douglass KM4FRM, Marshall McElfresh K4UKB, George Griebe WQ4Z, Chris Galbreath KG4UQL, Bill Waldshmidt W9WA, Doug Collins KA4SWT John Lewis WD4LEW, Joel Haberman KU4KD and guestBruse Campbell KM4EHAU.

The minutes from September were read by K4OH. KG4UQL made a motion to accept the minutes as read, WD4LEW 2nd the motion. The motion was approved by the members. KK4IYY was not present to give the account balance.



Marshall K4UKB stated that our new repeater had been repaired and returned to the club. He also stated that he had placed the repeater in operation at the original repeater site. It is now running on DC with a battery and a power supply to float the battery. The repeater is now using the 100 HZ tone. Also note that Marshall has a 70cm repeater running at his QTH on 440.800 with a 100 HZ tone.


Club Trailer

Marshall K4UKB Hosted the club meeting to allow the members to tour the new club trailer. Chris KG4UQL that we needed to determine the number and type of cable feeds we need to put in the trailer. Feeds such as data, power, telephone and antennas need to be considered first. Equipment then must be looked at as to type of radio and how many. Do we configure the same as used on field day or something else?

Bike Trek

Marshall stated that this year’s bike trek went really well thanks to K4UKB, K4FT and K4OH.

Bob Sowders’ estate

Marshall K4UKB stated that Bob’s Wife needed someone to inventory and help her sell the amateur equipment. Maybe we can use EBay again.

Boy Scouts

Our Guest Bruce Campbell KM4EHU stated that the Boy Scouts were having a Jamboree on Saturday morning and asked us to set up a Amateur radio station at Anderson Dean Park in Harrodsburg mid morning until 3pm for the scouts. Contacts were Scott Swift, Michelle Berry and Ashley Mcurdy.

Marshall K4UKB Made a motion to close the meeting, WD4EW 2nd the motion and the WRARC meeting was closed.


Next Meeting

7:30 PM Tuesday, November 3 at the Red Cross building in Danville.

VE Testing

10 AM Saturday October 24 at the Red Cross building in Danville



Fazoli’s Restaurant 1560 Hustonville Rd Ste 397, Danville.

2 Meter Net

Every Wednesday night at 8 PM EST – 145.310 with a sub audible tone of 100Hz.

Web Site

Respectfully submitted by John K4OH – WRARC President