The WRARC held it’s regular monthly meeting at the Red Cross Building in Danville with13 in attendance. Those at the meeting were KG4UQL, K4UKB, KA4SWT, KF4FMQ, KM4QOY, KM4PDI, KM4OLL, K4OH, K4FT, W9WA, KE4INO, WQ4Z and KM4FRM.

President John Montgomery called the meeting to order at 7:35pm. John asked Chris to read the minutes from the February meeting. Chris read the minutes from the Feb

meeting. John Wulf made the motion to accept the minutes as read. Bill Waldschmidt 2nd the motion and was approved by members.

John then asked Ken for the treasurer’s report. He paid Sharon for the club bills that she has accumulated and paid. Chris made the motion to accept the report. Marshall 2nd the motion and all members approved. Sharon asked if there was anything that

needed to be added to the insurance list if so let her know.


— By-Laws —

John said that Chris had up-dated the by-laws to reflect the changes in the dues. He just signed the new changes. Chris said that he will have these ready when he gets it saved in the computer and will be ready for those wanting a copy. Marshall asked for a copy so he could up-date the web site. Chris will get to Marshall.

— Repeater —

Marshall reported that the noise got so bad it had to be turned off even after adjusting the squelch. On Feb 12th it was turned back on by Doug and Chris. It was working fine until Feb 19th on the 20th he and Chris went to site to check it out. It was found out the power supply had blown a fuse. Replacing the fuse it blew again so after checking no power was coming out of the supply, Marshall brought it to the meeting so John could go

over it to see what is wrong. The repeater is up and going on ac power. The one good thing that was found out was the battery stayed up for over 6 days. It might need a larger supply that is 20-25 amps to keep it up better so the club needs to decide sometime on what it wants to do.

— Activity —

John Wulf reported that several showed up for the contest along with the antenna and tree work. Not real sure about the total contacts but all had fun talking radio.

— Trailer —

John asked about the vent on the trailer. Marshall said it needed a vent cover cause it had a crack letting in water. Chris made the motion for Marshall to buy and club pay him back. Sharon 2nd the motion. Sharon with some thoughts said that her and George will pay for it so the club didn’t have to.

—- New Business —-

Though not mentioned at meeting this will see who reads the minutes. Dan e-mailed me back to let me know the FIELD DAY SITE is reserved for us to use. June 25-26 2016 is the time so get ready for some radio fun.

Marshall had several things to bring up. He had gotten an e-mail from a gentleman in St Louis that had contacted us on field day in 2014. Has was doing worked all counties for Ky and needed Boyle county. John Wulf said he will take care of it since he has the club qsl cards. Marshall gave him the info.

The tower where the repeater is located had gained alot more antennas from wimax and might be causing a lot of our problems. So we might start thinking of a back-up to where we

might move it to if needed. John said if it gets too bad again we will have to send a letter to the FCC for help in the problem.

Marshall said that the club needs to think about finding a new web master and a place to put the trailer. John asked if there was a problem and Marshall said he is thinking about moving to

Texas, not sure how fast this will happen but he is looking at property down there already.

John said that if everybody has not read the QST it had a great story on a 40 meter QRP transceiver in kit form for under $30. He challenged all to buy and make a least one qso on this little unit. he has ordered his and waiting for it to come in. When he gets it together he will give a report. Chris said maybe this could be a project all members could do as a project at meetings to put together. This will be up to the members to decide after John gets his in.

Ken mentioned that in a past meeting it might be good to keep members up on renewal of their license. He did this and said nobody is close to time. He also said that when the repeater was down a simplex net was held which was a good learning event in knowing what your equipment can do and who you can hear. Relays were also good to learn as it might be needed.

Marshall said that with the new light bulbs coming out do your research so you don’t have a interference problem. He said the Stone Mountain repeater tower the city put up led lighting to make it a x-mas tree design this wiped out the repeater and it had to be moved. So if you have noise in home check the new stuff coming in.


Cave City Hamfest March 5th Saturday

Clubs place to eat before the April Meeting Will be Cracker Barrel 6pm April 5th

Oklahoma QSO party March 12th at club room starting at NOON

Saturday April 9th Georgia QSO Party CW/RTTY/SSB starts at 1pm Location TBD


Don’t forget to check out the clubs web site at

Submitted to members of the WRARC

By Secretary Chris Galbreath KG4UQL