The WRARC held it’s regular meeting at the Red Cross building in Danville. There were 20 people present. Those include: KG4UQL,K4UKB, KF4FMQ,KM4QOY,KA4SWT,WD4LEW,


The meeting was called to order at 7:51 pm by president John Montgomery.

John asked Chris to read the minutes from the March meeting. They were read with Marshall making the motion to accept as read. Bill 2nd the motion with the motion accepted.

John asked Ken for a treasury report. Ken gave the report and Marshall made the motion to accept the report as read. John Lewis 2nd the motion and the motion accepted.

——— OLD Business ——-

BYLAWS — John asked Chris if he had this done yet. Chris said he had the signed copy just has not got it scanned into the computer. When I get done he will send a copy to Marshall for web site. Then if anyone wants a copy he will have printed and ready to those who want a copy.

REPEATER —- John asked if anyone has heard any noise on the repeater. Marshall said he has heard some noise a couple of times but was short lived and seems to be doing fine. The repeater is on AC power and we need to decide on a power supply to get battery charging back to going. This time of year with storms we might need if power is knocked out. John said there is a 50 amp supply in the clubs radio room that should work. We have another to run radio and the larger one should charge and run repeater when needed. John told Marshall

to call so he could open the building to get supply to take to repeater site.

QSO Party —- John Wulf reported not sure off the top of his head how many contacts we made but we did get the trees cut back so antenna could be put up and beam can now move. Have a good number show up and had good time.

TRAILER —- Marshall reported that he found a replacement vent cover and it is installed. He called the company that made the trailer and gave him a part number but would have to go thru a dealer to get. Lowe’s is who They said to get it from but they have not had enclosed trailers for some time. They gave him a price which was way to high for a vent so he went online and found a match for alot less.

FIELD DAY —- Chris said Dan had emailed him and the site is reserved for our use. John mentioned that this was a good site with plenty of land for antennas and a large building to setup in. Food for this year was talked about but was finally decided for members to think about what they want to do or have and we will decide next meeting.

RADIO KIT —- John said he got it in and not yet finished yet. It is a little thing that has some intricate soldering and has had a few problems but will keep members up on the progress.


BILLS — Sharon said she had payed some bills that included the Corp papers and insurance. Had the bills laid out but just didn’t pick up.

ACTIVITY — John Wulf said that this Sat the 9th at 2pm was the Georgia QSO party and will be run from the club station here at Red Cross.

There is a test session APRIL 23rd at 10am here at the Red Cross Building.

May 7th the IN,7QP, DE,NE QSO party noon to 7pm but subject to change Location TBD

Next meeting Date is MAY 3rd 2016 there will be alot to get ready for Field Day so be ready.

Meal will be at WANDA’S in Junction City.

Submitted to the members of the WRARC

By club secretary Chris / KG4UQL