WRARC Members:
The WRARC held it’s regular monthly meeting at the Methodist Church in Danville. Those present were: KG4UQL, KE4SHC, KM4PDI, KB4UPW, KM4FRM, KK4JW, KI4BM, KM4QOY, KJ4ND, KI6SEP, KI6SER, W9WA, KE4INO, WQ4Z, KA4SWT, K4FT, N4JLT, K4OH and Chris’s grandkids Hayleigh and Kosey.
John Montgomery called the meeting to order at 7:40pm.

John asked Chris to read the minutes from the last meeting. Chris read the minutes. Bill made the motion to accept the minutes as read. Juerg 2nd the motion. All members approved.

John asked Ken for a treasury report. Ken reported that the balance. Ken also added that some donations were given to the club. The Commander of the Post gave a hf rig in the name of his uncle. Ray gave some nice flat panel monitors along with a Compaq computer that has Win 10 on it. There was several members that came and worked on the room and said they should be thanked for there labor, time and donating some supplies. John Wulf made a motion to accept the treasury report. Juerg 2nd. All members approved.

— OLD Bussiness —
Dues will be collected in December as always so we can get them in the Legion on a timely
Chris said he had talked to Ron and the number right now looks like 17 but they have some things come up so it could be fall before there ready to start. Chris said to also got to talk to
Gordon on maybe a discount on books. Gordon asked that he sign up as an instructor and
that should get him discounts and some free materials.
Plaque is up in radio room.

— Meeting Change —
With some added info and talking we are going to KEEP it on TUES night. The CHANGE
will be that it will be held on the 4TH TUES instead of the 1st tues. So that means that we
meet again APRIL 25th and will be at the Legion Post. So mark your calendars to the

Field Day
It was decided to hold field day at the Legion Post. Ken said he had talked to Dan and he said it would be good to get the relationship going at the post.
New Equipment
Sharon said that she needs the info on the new stuff to get it on the insurance. Ken said he would take care of that.
Test Session
John Wulf mentioned that the next testing will be on April 22nd at the Methodist Church.
The coffee meeting is this week Friday 7th April at AJ’S which is the old Red Rooster just past constitution square and before the post office in downtown Danville.
The before meeting meal will be at Guadalajra on Perryville road by Bob Allen’s Motor Mall.
This starts at 6pm and REMEMBER IT IS APRIL 25TH which is still in this month.
Submitted to the WRARC by
Chris / KG4UQL
WRARC Secretary