The WRARC held it’s first meeting at the American Legion on the 25th of April. Those present were: KG4UQL, WD4LEW, KA4SWT, KF4FMQ, K4FT, KM4PDI, KE4FQL, KB4UPW, KM4QOY, WQ4Z, KE4INO, KM4TPW, KM4OLL, KM4FRM, KK4IYY, W9WA, N4JLT, KJ4ND, and new tech Thomas Demond (no call yet).

The meeting was called to order at 7:36pm by vice present Mike May. Mike asked Chris for him to read the minutes from the last meeting. Chris said he had printed them out but got distracted and forgot to bring. John Wulf had them on his phone. Mike read the minutes since Chris could not read the small screen. Mike made the motion to accept the minutes. John Lewis 2nd and was accepted by the members.

Mike asked Ken for a treasury report.
Ken Whitehouse made the motion to accept the report. Bill 2nd and the members accepted the report.

— OLD Business —

— Tower holes —

The question on the tower going up was mentioned. Doug said that when time permits we will start. Job and weather will dictate and have to be taken into account. The holes as you can see have been dug and need some clean up before pouring. Hope to get that done in in the next few days weather permitting.

— VE Testing —

John Wulf said that 3 people came out to the session. Those that came 2 passed and 1 failed. A new ham that took and passed has joined the club is present here tonight that is Thomas Demond. Thomas was welcomed by members.

— NEW Business —

— Inc & Corp —

Sharon said she had filled the 990n and the corporation papers.

— Ham Stick Dipole —

Mike asked Ken said it’s a simple portable antenna. He used an old patio umbrella pole witch slides apart so you can transport in car. It is made up of two hamsticks and a bracket that is made for this. Two 40 meter sticks which can be turned with a rotor but did not set up on the one outside. He used this for awhile at his house and made several contacts. Ken also mentioned he finally gotten his DXCC  which takes making contact with 100 countries. They also have to report this on there end for it to count.

— Field Day —

Field Day WILL BE held at the Legion location this year. John Wulf we had to figure out what class we wanted to to this year. Our next meeting this needs to be planned out as with all other details. ALL MEMBERS need to attend the next meeting if possible to get the numbers on those coming to operate and what food stuff we want to do.

— Equipment —

Tereasa Durham said she still has some of Ed’s equipment. His hf rig and some ht’s some work and some are for parts. You can contact her to get more info. Text, leave message or call her at (859) 339-5862.

The before meal was never brought up so there might be info coming later.
The Next Meeting Date will be 23 MAY 2017 at the American Legion Building 45 spears Lane Danville starting at 7:30pm.

Submitted to the members of the WRARC

by Chris Galbreath KG4UQL

WRARC Secretary