The WRARC held it’s regular meeting at the American Legion Building in Danville.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by Vice President Mike May.
Mike asked Chris to read last months meeting minutes.
Chris read the minutes from Aug. Sharon made the motion to accept the minutes as read. George Coomer 2nd the motion and all members approved.

Mike then asked Ken for the club treasury report.
Bill made the motion to accept the report. Peter 2nd and the members approved.
Ken followed by saying club dues are now due. In the past we have did it at our Christmas Dinner but the Legion does it earlier.
Dues need to be in on July if possible. He went on by telling the categories.
Full legion members should get a notice in mail if you have not gotten a notice let him know so he can check on it.
Son and Associate will NOT get a notice. Sons need to write a check to post 46 in the amount of $20.00.
The Associates need to write a check to the CLUB for $30.00. The Associate membership was paid by the club so all that this includes needs to get there money in to him (Ken).

—OLD Business —
Mike ask Chris to tell more on the fund raising. Chris said that he had sent over 200 letters out to most all companies, businesses, and also included doctors and lawyers. Only one place has responded so far which was Inter County Energy or RECC. They sent a check for $100.00 which Chris gave to Ken. Chris said that this check paid for the stamps used to mail the letters. He also said he sent out some earlier to computer companies and got an email back from one which was Apple and could not help at this time. He said it took 3 months for this to come in so it might have had to go thru the chain of command.

— NEW Business —
Ken said the next coffee get together will be Friday October 13th at AJ’s down by the Danville Post Office. It is being sold so not sure what the new name will be but can still meet there at 9:00am. The Legion D-Star net is the 1st Monday of the month on 56B at 9:00pm.

— Meal —
The next before meeting meal will be at Quadaljara 1715 Perryville Rd. Starting at 6:00pm.

— Trustee —
Sharon said the her and George are getting older and need to start thinking of a replacement for the trustee for the repeater and to take over the bills that she pays for the club. All the bills are on line so not a problem to do. This needs to be decided at the October meeting.

— QST —
Ken said that Toni the commander of the Legion wants to donate Hardbound copies of qst to the club. The years are 1961-1975 and are very nice as he showed the members pictures he had of them. Members said we need some shelves for them so that will be looked into.

— Emergencies —
Mike said that with the weather that has been hitting the south and the islands members need to have a plan for there family here. The area here can have flooding and tornadoes which can cause us big problems so be prepared. Chris said in January he will start doing some EComm training.

George Commer made a motion to close the meeting. Bill 2nd and the meeting closed at 8:43pm.

Submitted to WRARC members by:
Chris Galbreath KG4UQL
WRARC Secretary