The WRARC monthly meeting was called to order at 7:45 pm. We had a great dinner with several members attending at Mallards in Danville.). Those attending the meeting included the following: George Griebe (WQ4Z), Sharon Griebe (KE4INO), Mike May (KF4FMQ), Bill Waldschmidt ((W9WA, Peter Rock (KJ4ND), Doug Collins (WA4SWT), Ken Whitehouse (N4JLT), Ray Whitehouse (KI4BM),  John Wulf ( K4FT), John Lewis (WD4LEW), Bennie Kessler (KB4UPW), Ken Douglass KY4KD), Ron Gaddis (AC4NE), Mike Wingfield (W8MW), Roger Parsons (KG4VCR), Bernie Hunstad (KM4TPW), Tom Demond (W9LRR), George Coomer (KM4QOY), Dennis Weiskircher (K3KZU), Anne Weiskicher (KN4HFT), Joel Haberman (KU4KD), Dan Lubinski (KD0HYA). Also we had Janie Taylor KI6SER and Andy Rose KI6SEP at the dinner. We had a total of fifteen attendees at the dinner tonight.
Assistant secretary Sharon, KE4INO, Griebe read the October notes from Chris. Joel Haberman (KU4KD) made a motion to accept the minutes.  Bill Waldschmidt (W9WA) seconded the motion.
Treasurer report was given by Ken Douglass (KM4FRM).
We have new donations. Bill Waldschmidt donated a nice laptop with a big screen that will have windows 10 loaded on it. John will be working on the laptop. Peter Rock donated 2 HF radios. One was an HF rig a Yaesau 747  and the other is an ICOM 706. Both have been installed and are working.
Mike Wingfield made a motion to accept the treasurer report and John Lewis seconded the motion.
John Wulf reported there were 5 tests given and all passed the tests and some   applicants tried to upgrade.  The next testing session will be January 27, 2018 at 10:00 am at the Legion Building.
John Lewis stated the repeater is still acting up. It was suggested to have a time to go  up to site and maybe tighten the squelch.
John Wulf reported they made 198 contacts at the QSO party. They received 12,700 points. The score was tripled from last year.  They had 6-7 participants.
John Wulf reported the Field Day results.  We were 91 in  the nation 3A (319), 17 in Division out of 40 ad 2 in state out of 7.
    Sharon Griebe stated the Club license had been sent in for renewal.
The Thanksgiving Dinner put on by the Legion was a success. The food was delicious and everyone went home with a go box. Ken Whitehouse thanked everyone for help setting up the tables.
Ken Whitehouse reported D Star went very well. They had many check-ins. It was stated that maybe in January they will change from 26 A to 56 A or C. D Star is linked in Danville. 56 is KY. D Star region 444.2375 MHz D Star. The radio club has a D Star radio on loan.
Bill Waldschmidt reported that the weekly 2 meter nets are going well.
As far as anyone knows no one participated in the Inter Op exercise with the Dept of Defense.
Election according to the By Laws were held tonight.
President –Mike May (KF4FMQ)
VP was put off until December when the office runs out
Secretary- Chris Galbreath (KG4UQL)with Sharon Griebe(KE4INO) to help him
Treasurer- Ken Douglass (Ky4KD)
Activities Director-George Coomer (KM4Q0Y)
Board of Directors-Mike May read the minutes from 2016 regarding board members.  George Griebe and Joel Haberman volunteered to come off the Board according to the bylaws. New Board members are Ray Whitehouse and John Wulf. Doug Collins, Bill Waldschmidt and current officers will remain on board.  Ray Whitehouse suggested we need to have a Board meeting at least once a year. Board members are to make sure the rules of the club are followed and make sure we keep our nonprofit status and board members are to meet when there is a problem. Motions were made for nominations and voted on for all positions in the club.
John Wulf had found a QSO card from Chauncey Alcock and remade it to use for club contacts in his memory.
Mike May presented  a program on his new generator. He showed how you can buy an adapter to change it to a tri fuel conversion. His generator is from and you can buy the conversion  kit from them. Mike also bought a regulator for the fuel control. Mike said it should be a simple fix to make the changes. He stressed you should check your regulators and not assume your regulator is big enough. He also said we need to keep our linemen safe when dealing with generators and make sure everything is done properly. The main concern is any connection arrangement that might accidently feed electricity from the generator into the power lines.
Ken Douglass stated that starting in January we need to try and have some sort of a program every month.
Ken Douglass stated we are 91% on our 2018 dues.
Ken Douglass also stated the Post has invited the radio club to  a Christmas Dinner at the Post on Saturday December 16, 2017 at 5:00 pm. Everyone is asked to try to bring a dish to share with everyone. We will have a short informal meeting at the dinner.
Ken Douglass (KY4KD) made a motion to close the meeting and Joel Haberman (KU4KD) seconded the motion. Meeting closed at 9:15 pm.
Sharon Griebe KE4INO
Acting secretary for Chris KG4UQL