The WRARC held it’s regular monthly meeting at the American Legion building in Danville.
The business meeting started at 7:30pm and was called to order by new president Mike May.
Those present were: KI6SEP, KI6SER, KJ4NP, KY4KD, KM4PDI, KK4IYY, N4JLT, KI4BM, KG4UQL,KA4SWT,
Mike asked Chris to read the minutes from the last meeting. Chris said that the last meeting was in November
as the December meeting was a Meal meeting. Chris read the November minutes that sharon had done due
to him being gone. Mike made the motion to accept the minutes as read. John Lewis 2nd the motion and all
members approved.
Mike asked Ken for a treasury report.
 John Lewis made the motion and Roger 2nd the motion. Members approved.
– Repeater –
John Lewis said he is still hearing noise on the repeater. Chris asked if anyone else hears any noise on the
repeater. Members said they don’t hear anything. This brought up a discussion as was determined that he
was hearing the long squelch tall.
– December Meal –
Mike said he thought that the meal went very good and all that attended agreed.
– QSO Party –
Mike said the club participated this past Saturday (20 Jan)  in the American QSO Party which had 9 members
and made 75 contacts. We were only there for a few hours and everyone seemed to have good time.
George Coomer said the first Monday of February 8pm is the Legion D-Star net on reflector 56C from the
clubs radio room. There will be a contest Saturday the 10th not sure of time yet but this is a RTTY, CQ
WPX Contest. Will update everyone on a club start time.
Ken said that since the last wish list went so well he has another one. Some of the things listed have already
gotten someone signed to get or have to donate. The list got passed around Dennis said he would do $60
for the power pole strip. George and Sharon donated $100. Zena said he had the exact code key at home and
would donate it to the cause since not using it. This has left us needing a smart TV that can be put on wall in
radio room. A rotor to replace the one on the short tower such as a ham III or IV the one on the tower now
has stopped working. It is a older one and just quite. The beam on the short tower is a log periodic that we
just can’t seem to get working yet so if it can’t be fixed we will be in need of a A3S or MA-5B which has a small
foot print. If you have any of these things you can donate or help with call Ken or Chris to let them know.
Dennis asked if we could dispense with the reading of the minutes since we all get by email. If Chris, when he
sends out the meeting reminder attach the minutes again so all can read again before meeting. Chris said the
thought the bylaws stated reading of minutes but with a number of changes needed to the bylaws this could
be looked at a worded differently to reflect this action.
The business portion of the meeting closed at 8:04pm
Then Mike had a presentation on a diy mini antenna tuner. He found it on youtube by Kevin Loughin the film
is (hope the link is typed correct). He found that he had most of the parts gathered over the years dusty but usable. He did not go into depth but was a good brief of
this tuner. Mike said the reason for this presentation was he had just ordered one of the qrp kits that can be
obtained from hf signals located in India. For those that have not heard of this is the company that Ken got
his 40 meter kit (which Ken had there to show). They now have a kit for full coverage that is what he ordered.
Ken asked members who might be interested in building a kit and many raised there hands. Ken said they
need to order themselves and we could get together here at legion to do a building day or two. Go to web
site to get information on the the other things you will need to complete. The prices and shipping info is on
the site go for DHL shipping it has tracking. The kit lets you design many options to fit you and add.
Mike asked there was a motion to close. Dennis made the motion to close meeting and Ken 2nd with all
members agreeing at 8:47pm.
The next Coffee get together is Feb 9th at 9am located at AJ’S (rooster) down by the Danville post office.?
The before meeting meal was not brought up so i’m sure this can be talked about on the clubs weekly net
on Wednesday’s 8pm on the repeater.