The WRARC held it’s regular meeting at the legion post 27 Feb 2018.
Those in attendance were as follows. KG4UQL, KG4VCR, AC4NE, WD4LEW, KF4FMQ, KY4RW, W9LRR, KV4WTP, K4FT, N4JLT, W9WA, K4OH, W8MW, KI6SEP, KY4KD, KJ4ND, KD0HYA, KE4INO, WQ4Z and KM4OLL.
President Mike May called the meeting to order at 7:35pm.
Mike said that since Chris sent out the minutes with the meeting reminder and all had a chance to read and review, he is making a motion to forgo the reading of the minutes. Bernie 2nd the motion and all members approved.
Mike asked Ken to give a treasury report.
The wish list has been taken care of and Ken Whitehouse donated a tv. He wanted to thank all that donated.


By Laws

Mike said that the officers and board along with a few members met last week to go over the changes needed and up-dated. This will get us inline with the MOA we signed with the American Legion. Mike presented the power point and told of the changes that they came up with. All members seemed to agree. These need a 2/3 of membership vote to be ratified which will be voted on at the March meeting. So ALL members need to try to attend so this matter can be taken care of. Members asked if they could have a copy Chris told Mike he would send out to all members so that those not present could review before next meeting.


Ky QSO Party

John Wulf said that a new group was doing the event now. The Paducah Amateur Radio Association. Web site for more info and now will be held in June. The date will be June 2nd 2018 this runs 12hrs and will be 10 to 10 eastern time.

Legion Net

Mike said that George wanted him to remind members that the Legion D-Star will be March 5th at 8pm. Check in if you have a radio or come on out to clubs radio room.

Fund Raiser

Ken said the commander of the post went to a meeting and came back with a way for the club to make some money. The project is Wreaths across America where live wreaths are placed at camp nelson on the graves. The wreaths are $XX.XX which we get $XX.XX and we do not have to do anything but get sponsors. They already have people to place the wreaths. We register to get an id so we get credit for sales. This is a way for us to obtain funds just so work on our part. He ask for feedback and Thomas made the motion to proceed with this by going ahead. Ken 2nd and all members agreed.
Mike asked for a motion to close the business portion of the meeting. Ken made the motion and John Lewis 2nd and the business portion closed at 8:30pm.


Mike said that since he and other members are going to do the qrp kits he had a tuner he ordered from China on Amazon. The price $12.00 delivered. The kit is pretty compact and the instructions were needless to say pretty bad. He got thru it and got it put together and gave a power point presentation on the way he put it together.  here are other ways that he found on youtube and forums online. The name QRP Manual Days Tuner, he’s not sure how they came up with. These are on ebay and other sites.

Before Meal

The meal has changed since meeting after getting phone call. It was Mallard’s but changed to China Town Buffet next to the Long John Silvers out by WalMart. The reason for the change is due to since we need to vote on bylaws next meeting. The last time the club went to Mallard’s it was good but took awhile to get orders and caused members to be late for meeting. So next meal China Town 6pm March 27th 2018
Meeting closed at 9:04pm
Hope to see everyone at next months meeting.
Submitted to WRARC members
By Chris wrarc secretary