The WRARC held it’s regular monthly meeting at the American Legion building in Danville. Those in attendance were: KG4UQL, KA4SWT, KG4VCR, KB4UPW, KM4QOY, WQ4Z, KE4INO, KI6SEP, KI6SER, KF4FMQ, KY4KD, KD0HYA, AC4NE, W9WA, N4JCT, KJ4ND, K4FT, KY4RW and KM4TPW.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by President Mike May. Mike asked if there was a motion to accept the the minutes as presented in the email. John W said he makes the motion with one change and that is to the upcoming test session. The minutes show 25th June but the correct date is 28th June. Bill 2nd
the motion and all members approved.

Mike asked for a treasury report. Bill W made the motion to approve the report. Dan L 2nd the motion with all members approving.

Mike said he thought all went well although there was a double booking of the building. The band of course
was loud and could have been turned down some to be able to enjoy. Ken said it will not happen next year.
Mike said it looked like all the things on our list to bring was there with more. Mike also mentioned that we were on the front page of the paper, and was a very good write up. George C said he would like to send a letter to the editor to thank them for covering our event. Members said that would be a good idea for him to go ahead.
This event started out slow for the first few hours then picked up. When all was done in this 12 hour event we scored over 27,000 points. Know we wait to see how we did.
The special event that was done on Memorial Day weekend was slow and that was due to a three day weekend. We wound up with 16 contacts from 6 states.
Mike asked when the next event was. Ken said the next on the 14th of June this is the HF World Championship. The events are listed on our web page.
Mike said we might want to think about ways to get our coax and power into the building so the doors can
close since the building manager wanted them to be closed. Chris said the coax thing was already being looked at but the power thing will have to be studied.
John W said for those that have built their kits he has some updates and upgrades he can help them with. These will help with some of the problems that people have had.
Ken drew for the club legion hat which Bernie H was the winner. Then drew for a Yaesu hat that Ken brought back from Dayton Hamfest. The winner of this was Janie. We will have another drawing next month for more. Yes you have to attend to win.
Ken said it is that time again to get our dues in. Military Legion members will get a notice in the mail (or should). The easy way on this is to pay online with card the cost is still $30. The Sons is $20 and can be made check made out to American Legion Post 46 or cash. You can give this to him and he will take care of it. The Associate is $30 and can be paid the same way and he will take care of. Several members took care of this. Ken said he wanted to that Sharon’s daughters for helping Ruby with the meal and cleaning up
the building for this event. Ken said that there is a Post Service Committee that is being looked at that can help lower the Associate dues but that is a work in progress so more to come on this.

Mike asked if there was a motion to close the business portion of the meeting. Janie made the motion Dan 2nd the motion and the business meeting closed at 8:10pm.
Andy had some pics and video of field day that he shared with the members in attendance.
The meeting closed at 8:30pm

Submitted to members by:
Chris / KG4UQL
WRARC Secretary