Icom IC-718 HF Transceiver     Purchased new by the Ham Club      Factory Inspected         $400


Icom   ID-51a+ Anniversary    D-star    Dual Band    Hand Held     $250


Icom   ID-880H       D-star    Dual Band     Mobile or Base         $225       SOLD


uBitx    10 thru 80 meters   QRP Transceiver     Assembled by Juerg with many upgrades.  Fully tested.       $100           SOLD  


TyTera  DMR  Hand Held   Model MD380    $60 


Baofeng      Dual Band     Hand Held      Model UV-82          $25


Uniden Bearcat Portable Scanner     Model BC 125 AT          $45 


Pyramid Gold Series Power Supply    Model  PS-36K   35 Amp     $80         SOLD


Professional Condenser Microphone with Boom     $30


Diamond SWR/Power Meter      Model SX600     $90         SOLD


Workman SWR/Power Meter     Model SX-144/430     2 Meter – 440        $25


Kenwood SWR/Power Meter    Model SW-100      $40


Radio Shack Frequency Counter   Model 22-306     $50


Metex Multi-meter    Model M3860M      $40


Digital Microscope USB 2.0        $25             SOLD


VIVO Home Soldering Station with accessories    Model 898D+     $50          SOLD


QRP Antenna Tuner   Assembled Kit       $20      SOLD


4-Position Coax Switch           $30


2-Position Coax Switch            $15


MFJ Lambic CW Paddle    Model MFJ-564     $50       SOLD