Club Minutes
23 Oct 2018
The WRARC held its regular monthly meeting at the American Legion Building on Spears Ln in Danville.
The meeting was called to order by President Mike May at 7:32pm.
Mike asked if there was a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes since all received them by email. Bernie made the motion with John W 2nd the motion and all members approving.
Mike then asked for a treasury report from Ken.
He wrote a check to Chris for a banner that he had made for events for $50.00. Donation was made by Russell for $30.00. John W made the motion to accept the report. Bill 2nd the motion and all members approved.
Mike asked George for activity report. George said that some club members participated in the Bourbon Chase. Janie and Andy will give a report on this a little later. Nothing is on for Oct since it’s about gone.
John W said that we have a VE test session on Sat the 27th at 10am here at the Legion Building. George said the D Star net was Oct 1st with 9 states 28 check ins with one of those a nautical station in British Columbia. The next D Star net will be Nov 5th and Ken can give more on this. Ken said that this all started by a guy in Alabama. The gentleman wanted our Legion net to grow so he came up with drain Paul’s mad money. He said that he would give $1.00 per check in up to 25. Then Jack in Maryland said he wanted in on this so it has grown with the Post Commander, our club, Ken D, George C, Dennis and Peter sponsoring this event. The money will go to the Post for the Boys and Girls state program. It takes $200.00 for this and with the people that are donating we will get the full $200.00 toward this program. The boy which is a jr in High school along with his parents will be here to participate.
George asked John W if he knew of any events in Nov. John said Nov 17th was a phone contest what should be fun so George said he will get it on calendar. Ken said he will not be able to attend so he would leave a key to get in.
— Old Business —
Bourbon Chase: All said had a good time doing this.
— New Business —
John W said already mentioned but don’t forget the VE Test session Saturday the 27th if you want to upgrade.
Mike asked about the Legion Thanksgiving Dinner. Ken said the Legion web site calendar should have it since it is up to date as is the club web site. Mike said we brought a dish last time a wondered if that was how it is this year.
Ken mentioned that most all the items have been sold from Juerg’s estate and he plans on taking the final payment to her in a few weeks. The donations we received from members has allowed us to purchase the 7300 out right and not coming out of the club’s treasury. This was great that members stepped up and we got this done.
Mike asked if there was a motion to close the business portion. John W made the motion and Peter 2nd all approved and the business closed at 7:50pm.
Mike asked Andy and Janie to give a report on the Chase event. Janie gave a power point presentation on many aspects of the event. We had 406 runners that we got bib numbers from to relay to net control and this was in 6 hours. This was a lot of runners and we had some dupes of numbers and missed but we had a 97% good. Not too bad for an event thrown together in about 5 weeks. More people to help would have
been a big help as we were stretched thin. But all in all a fun event and we got the mission done. There were many other things brought up but not included in the minutes.
Mike said elections are in November so start thinking.
With nothing else motion was made to close all members in favor so the meeting closed at 8:23pm.
Submitted to the members of WRARC
by Secretary Chris/ KG4UQL