25 SEPT 2018
The WRARC held it’s regular monthly meeting at the American Legion Building in Danville. Those attending
The business portion of the meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by club President Mike May.
Mike asked if their was a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes since everyone has gotten a copy by email. Kenneth W made the motion with John L 2nd the motion. All members were in approval.
Mike ask Ken for a treasury report. He also reported that many items had been sold for Juerg’s estate and he had given his widow the funds. He pointed out that some of the things were on a table so members could see in person if they wanted to buy. Items will be moved to other sites online to be sold as she will be leaving to go back home so things need to move fast. Ken mentioned the web site has a new tab that is a
for sale tab. Members can sell items that they have on the site just let him know.
Mike asked for a activity report. Ken reported for George that could not make the meeting. Ken reported that the Legion Dstar net held the first Monday of the month was the biggest yet. We had 25 check-ins from 9 states. The net is being advertised on other nets. The Nov net will be the check in challenge. This has one guy from Alabama, one from NY, the Post 46 Commander and the club giving $1 per check in up to 25. This money will go to the boys and girls state program. The next Dstar net will be Oct 1st on 56C beginning at 8:00pm and members are welcome to come by the club station during that time.
Bourbon Chase
Janie reported that they had a somewhat meeting on what they needed the club to do for this event. She gave a power point presentation on the locations for setup and the operation procedures for this event. There was a signup sheet for shifts as this event will be Oct 12th running from 5pm to midnight. Chris and Doug said they would do the field station for the whole time. Many others signed up for slots. Still need more to help out.
Wreaths Across America
Mike ask Chris how it was going. Chris said no one has come to him for info.
Mike said we needed to thank Bill for the laptop he donated to the club.
Mike asked if any updates on this. Kenneth W said we have been ask to maintain security while we are there doing our events. The door to meetings will be locked as soon as meeting starts so members will have to knock to be let in. The other events such as contests, members need to knock on door or the window of the radio room.
— New Business —
The only New Business was the Bourbon Chase that was presented earlier in meeting. No other new items.
Dennis made the motion to close the business portion of meeting with Peter 2nd. All members agreed.
Mike gave a presentation on a DIY J-Pole antenna he had made out of things he had laying around. He gave a list of parts and how he put it together. He did a test for SWR and had the findings which was very good across all VHF and UHF freqs.
The meeting closed at 8:45pm with members hanging around to talk.
Submitted to WRARC Members by
Chris wrarc secretary