20190226  February WRARC Monthly Meeting

12 Attendees: Mike May, Ken Whitehouse, Dan Lubinski, Bill Waldschmidt, John Lewis,  George Coomer, Andy Rose, John Wulf, Doug Collins, Ken Douglas, Russel Chaney, Chis Galbreath

Called to order by Mike May @ 1931

Minutes: motion to accept as published

Treasure’s Report. (Ken Douglas)

  • Rebate of $100 for new Icom 7300 has not arrived yet.
  • $50 check mailed to Kentucky QSO Party Plaque Fund.  Turns out we won the plaque we’d purchased!
  • Purchased flowers for delivery to Bennie’s widow, Ellen, for $31.80.  Thank you card from her, passed around.
  • Wreaths Across America gave the Club a $50 rebate for finding sponsors for the wreaths.

Activities (George Coomer)

  • D-Start Net:
    • 25 check-ins from 7 states;
    • 3 people had questions for VA advisor, a new resource attendee here.
  • April 23 & 24 film crew.  Writing an article for CQ how an Amateur Radio Club interfaces with the Legion at a Port.  Likely will be on Legion web site as well.
    • As many operators who are Legion members: wear Post & Ham clothing.
    • Will be our April meeting instead of our standard business.
    • Want lots of Club members & Post members as well.
    • Be nice if we can order and receive hats in time for this.  (Will send 2nd email)
    • CQ is world-wide

Old Business:

  • 3rd year in a row we won same class in Ky QSO Party. Multiple Operator Fixed station
  • Ken W’s donated SD card is installed and working in the 7300.
  • Morning after American Legion Post 42 visited us from Bardstown, one of them called to keep an eye open for his keys.  A bit later he & Ken talked again & he had found them.
  • Hats: 5 desired so far, 2 more in meeting (John & Russell)
  • Ken D:
    • Phone call from Bennie’s widow asking if the Club could help sell his gear
    • Radio Shack SWR & power meter;  New price was ~$50, selling for $15. Covers 3-30MHz, switchable up to 2kW.
    • Kenwood 2m-only, 65W. Still in production $130 used, new $150-$200; sell for $95 including remote speaker. Model TM 281A including power cord (no mounting bracket, no programming cable)
    • TS530 Kenwood transceiver with some cosmetic issues – needs sanding of case & touchup painting.  Going used $250~300; sell for $100-150.  AC power needed as tube final 120 W on lower bands.

Adjourn business at 2001 (motion by John Lewis, 2nd by Chris)

Program: Mike May. How to build your own 300 ohm twin lead roll up jpole antenna.  (following for details, lessons learned)