20190423  April WRARC Monthly Meeting

Called to order by Mike May @ 19:35 at the American Legion Post

Minutes of March, 2019 Meeting: motion to accept by John Lewis, seconded, passed by acclimation.

Treasure’s Report. (Ken Douglas)

  • ARRL insurance paid $106.26
  • Check for $40 to Chris for window blinds in club room. Installed by Doug & Chris.
  • Second check received from Wreaths Across America,


Frank Rhodus

Bill Chaney, Russel’s brother

Elizabeth Parton

Eric Hatcher

Activities (George Coomer)

  • March TALARC D-Star: 30 check-ins from 10 states. 1 from British Columbia.  Report attached.
  • Summary of April 13 Georgia QSO: Terrible RF conditions, 5 contacts in 4 hours.  Good time nevertheless by all at shack.
  • Saturday May 4th: 1300-1700 Indiana, Delaware, & New England
  • Next coffee at AJ’s: May 10th.  (On Main Street in Danville between Constitution Square and the Post Office.
  • Interviews went well last Wednesday, April 17 by assistant editor from American Legion with photographer. The article will appear first on Legion’s website, then in CQ magazine. Good attendance.  Lots of pictures were brought for reporter to take.
  • Field Day coming up! (Fourth weekend in June as always.)

Old Business:

  • Chris reported at last meeting that the fiber optic switches were down at the Capital Amateur Radio Society emergency management.  These are needed to control radios which are located remotely from the operator area.  Chris had asked if we would be willing to be a backup site for the upcoming drill:  Mike confirmed with Tony (our Post Commander) who gave a resounding yes that they can use our station in case the repairs are not completed in time for the drill. (See new business for update)
  • Ken D: Web master.  Valerie (George’s wife) provided lots and lots of help getting things squared away – recovered something like 150 pictures.  Still having some issues with backup & restore.  Found service that helps for ~$14 per call. 
  • 100 year anniversary of Post in October.  Mike found out how to get special event call. Tony asked us to set up special event station in a public location.  Staffing, location, etc. still TBD. Potential conflict. Still expected Tony wants it on the same weekend as Bourbon Chase weekend, October 18-19.
  • Next VE 4/27, this Saturday, 6/29 general, July 1st for Extra.  Then July 27

New Business

  • Ken: Award received “Kentucky QSO Party 2018, High Score Multi-Op – Kentucky: 46,280 (This is the one we sponsored!)
  • Doug: Need new rotor
    • Yaesu G450 $279.95, demo $269; 75 feet of 2 conductor rotor wire $41.25
    • Need 45~50 foot bucket truck for a day.  Can park next to the tower – just need to go straight up.  ?? has 45’ x 25’ (height x reach)  Currently in City lot
  • Doug: Likely Emergency Manager will need to use our station.  Will need 2m beam (read: need rotor in time for the Drill) Same rotor for 2m beam and HF.
  • Twelve hats are on order.  George suggests we give hat to Legion’s reporter from last week
    • $20 + shipping => $23
  • Elizabeth Parton: her grandfather-in-law passed at 95 and she is agent to sell his equipment:
    • 4 giant towers for sale. 2 laydowns, 2 crank ups.  Antenna and all equipment on them for sale except for one antenna
    • Lots of radios and gear.
    • Prefers if we come to perform an inventory
  • Ken. 
    • Has crate of miscellaneous ham gear, all free (except for Mike’s meter)
    • Uniden scanner: $20
    • Multi-meter: $5

Close business at 2020 (motion by Doug, 2nd by ??)


Mike May – home brew 2m Dipole Antenna built out of rabbit ears

  • Preferably >19” rabbit ears
  • Mount ears to PVC T with ears going up and down.  Stem of T is horizontal and then to a 90degree to go vertical.
  • Remember when calculating the lengths: the radiation starts with the exposed cable, not just the antenna.
  • Excellent test results: 144-148MHz: SWR 1.2

Adjourn: John motion to adjorn,2037