20190528 May WRARC Monthly Meeting

Called to order by Mike May @ 19:30 at the American Legion Post

Attendees: Doug Collins (KA4SWT), Jerry Wilson, Kenneth Whitehouse (N4JLT), Bill Waldschmidt (W9WA), Ken Douglass (KY4KD), Russell Chaney (KN4OHD), John Wulf (K4FT), Peter Rock (KJ4ND), Zenah Teater (KK4IYY), Daniel Lubinski (KD0HYA), George Coomer (KM4QOY), Mike May (KF4FMQ), Andy Rose (KI6SEP)

Minutes of April, 2019 Meeting: motion to accept by Bill W., seconded, passed by acclimation.

Treasure’s Report. (Ken Douglas)

  • $289.70 check to Commander Tony for 12 hats.  Hope to recoup all. 6 have been sold, 6 available.  George challenge: will buy 1 hat if Club buys the other for Laura and Josh, who wrote the article. Ken Whitehouse accepted challenge and is buying the other.
  • 4 hats still available!!
  • $151 deposited for sales of the above mentioned 6 hats.
  • $40 from Mike May purchasing frequency analyzer from Club

Activities (George Coomer)

  • May TALARC D-Star: 37 check-ins from 9 states.
  • June 1 (this Saturday) Kentucky QSO Party.  (see new business)
  • June 3: next TALARC
  • Article not yet written for American Legion – they’ve had a busy time but expect to get it done soon; they hope to have it in September CQ
  • Next coffee at AJ’s: June 7th.  (On Main Street in Danville between Constitution Square and the Post Office.)
  • June 29th next VE session.
  • Field Day coming up! (Fourth weekend in June as always, June 22/23.)  John is coordinating efforts

Old Business:

  • Doug: Need new rotor
    • Not buying a new one.  Donation coming from estate.
  • Mike has made arrangement for bucket truck
  • Thursday’s Shake N Fury drill on Thursday will be using our station.
  • List of Elizabeth Parton’s grandfather’s ham gear for sale distributed by email and now up on Club’s web site.

New Business

  • Ken.  Thursday’s Nation-wide drill
    • We will be the State’s communication center
    • Our call sign: KY4EOC
    • Focusing on 24 counties in western Kentucky
    • Will be using HF, PSK32, 2m, and D-Star
    • Starting at 0900, we are primary center for D-Star.  Nobody knows how many counties have D-Star; we should expect multiple check-ins from some counties.  Chris is in New Jersey & will serve as back-up for us. 
    • Will go on air ~815-830
    • Tim from Harrodsburg will be primary for PSK31 & and we are back-up (80m)
    • HF on 80m.  We are secondary all morning with Frankfurt primary.  In afternoon, the operator from Frankfurt will come here to set up primary.
    • 2 hour lunch from ~11-1300
    • Concludes at 1600
    • We may NOT publicize that we were EOC/alternate.  OK to say we participated.
    • Doug may be able to provide a 2nd 80m antenna.  Hope to know by end of day tomorrow.
  • Motion for 4 way switch by George, 2nd by Bill.
  • QSO Party this weekend.  We are not a bonus station – we missed the signup deadline.
  • Field Day: same as last year (Saturday, June 22)
    • Doug working on better process than keeping door open for our cabling.
    • Peter is bring off-center fed dipole for GOTA station
    • Bonus points?
      • Public official
      • Newspaper
      • Russel will bring smoker & a couple of pork shoulders
      • John will get full list to Andy for distribution.

Close business at 2017 (motion by Doug, 2nd by ??)

Program: All About Dayton

  • John Wulf. Went to American Legion booth right off and met Bill Sloan (NZ9S). He couldn’t stop saying good things about the Ham activities at our Post.
  • Bill went and met same hams from his old haunts.  Went to buy a particular item but GigaParts was out of stock so he’s ordered on line later. 
  • Ken: 35,000 people attending.  Ken was watching live feed and in less than 5 minutes Bill W walked by!

American Legion 80m net changed from 2000 to 1930 to remove conflict with our 2m net! We should participate if we can as a thank you.

Adjourn, 2028