20190625 June WRARC Monthly Meeting

(Instead of the typical pre-meeting dinner at a restaurant, dinner was at the Post: pulled smoked-pork sandwiches by Russell)

Called to order by Mike May @ 1945 at the American Legion Post

Attendees 10: Doug Collins (KA$SWT), Kenneth Whitehouse (N4JLT), Ken Douglass (KY4KD), Russell Chaney (KN4OHD), John Wulf(K4FT), Ron Gaddis (AC4NE), John Lewis (WD4LEW), David Sexton (AE4YM), Mike May (KF4FMQ), Andy Rose (KI6SEP)

Minutes of May, 2019 Meeting: motion to accept, seconded, passed by acclimation.

Treasure’s Report. (Ken Douglass)

  • Ordered Ameritron RCS4 antenna switch $169.95 (from HRO)
  • Kentucky Secretary of State for annual incorporation report $15
  • Check to Doug $38.71 for Field Day materials from Lowes (wall through-feed to outside)
  • Field Day food: $112.76 including miscellaneous food items from Walmart. Covered 3 meals including tonight’s meeting!
  • Deposit $46 sale of club hat + $23 hat sale on Field Day

Activities (Ken Douglass for George Coomer)

  • June TALARC D-Star: 24 check-ins, including us, from 8 States & 1 Canadian Province. Gene, Post 46 Service Office, was on hand and answered questions regarding VA.
    • Ken had been in to Post the day before to have everything ready to run the net!
    • Ken arrived for the early check-ins and found a band just starting practice!  Impossible to run the Net given their volume.  He quickly called the others, grabbed the folders with the papers he’d prepared, and they all convened at Ken’s home (much to the delight of Ken’s dog), running the Net from there.
    • The conflict that resulted in the band being OKed at the same time as the Net was the Post maintains a paper schedule at the Social Club for the Hall and does not look at the online schedule.  Ken believes this issue has been resolved.
    • (Side reminder: both these events are American Legion events as the Net is the American Legion national net!)
  • Next TALARC is this coming Monday, July 1.  Please come to the Post if you can or at least check-in on reflector 56C if you have D-Star.
  • Article not yet written for American Legion – they hope to have it in September CQ
  • Next coffee at Rooster’s/AJ’s: July 5th.  (On Main Street in Danville between Constitution Square and the Post Office.)
  • June 29th, this Saturday, is the next VE session. Last with existing General Question Pool.
  • July 27th at 3rd Street Methodist Church.  New Pool in effect.

Old Business:

  • We participated in May’s “Shake N Fury” National Earthquake Drill.
    • Poor participation: not many Counties checked in.
    • We did D-Star morning and afternoon; HF in afternoon. (We did monitor HF in the morning)
    • Chris was in New Jersey coincidentally and provided off-site backup for D-Star NCO.
    • “Learned a lot”. Will allow us to do that much better during the next Drill or real Event. Example:
      • Backup power provisions would be good to have in place just in case AC power fails whether related to disaster or an unrelated event. An example here is the recent car accident on Maple Avenue where a utility pole was sheared off.
  • Field Day a success
    • 684 contacts, roughly 150 more than last year!
    • Details posted to WRARC-general-messages at “groups.io”
    • Doug implemented a wall feed-through for all the cables: antennas, generator power, solar power.  3” pipe that can easily be capped on both sides when not in use.  Located in corner near permanent antenna feed box.  Worked quite well, eliminating potential tripping hazard and allowed us to keep door to building closed.
    • Peter set up mast behind the Post with off-center fed dipole for GOTA station, ladder-line to feed into the building (through Doug’s through-feed)
    • Doug brought tilt-up mast with two beams and pulley for long wire, which was also set up.  This was set up near south-west corner of building.
    • George brought 8kW generator and parked it on East side of building.  Minimal acoustic noise from this location.
    • Bonus points:
      • Public official: Yes: Judge Executor Howard Hunt, and Sherriff’s Deputy Taylor Bottoms attended.
      • Newspaper: Yes: Danville Advocate Messenger (Robin Hunt) Article published in Wednesday, June 26 edition.
      • Social Media: Yes: Janie set up Facebook page and posted daily.
      • Solar, with battery charged by solar: Yes: battery & pre-event solar charge by Mike; event-site solar from Janie & Andy (100W) which was connected to Mike’s battery.
    • Russel brought smoker & a couple of pork shoulders which he cooked, pulled, and served. Hot dinner Saturday, cold lunch on Sunday, and cold sandwiches before meeting.

New Business

  • Dues Due
    • $20 for Sons
    • $30 for Associates
    • Make checks to American Legion
  • American Legion Anniversary in October Special Event Station
    • Tony would like it on 10/22, the day of our October meeting.
    • No longer on the Bourbon Chase weekend removing that conflict.
  • Need to get planning underway for Anniversary – proposal of a small group.
  • Need to get started on planning support of Bourbon Chase.

Close business at 2012 (motion by John, 2nd by ??)

Program: Field Day!

  • Pictures taken by John, George, and Andy projected.  Discussion ensued.
  • John asked for suggestions on how to make next year’s better.