20190723 July WRARC Monthly Meeting

(Dinner had been at Applebee’s)

Called to order at 1930 by Mike May at the American Legion Post

Attendees: 15; Alex Matan, Andy Rose, Chris Galbreath, Dennis Weiskircher, Doug Collins, George Coomer, Jerry Wilson, John Lewis, John Wulf, Mike May, Peter Rock, Roger Parsons, Russell Chaney, Will Waldschmidt, Zenah Teater,

Minutes of June meeting: motion to accept by Chris 1st, John 2nd, passed by acclimation.

Treasures Report by Mike on behalf of Ken, not in attendance due to pneumonia.

  • Wrote check for membership dues $30
  • From Post, received $660 rebate

Appreciate Post for their support!

  • Collecting dues underway.  Cash or check.  Check made out to “American Legion Post 46”
    • $30 for Legion associate members
    • $30 for full Legion members
    • $20 Sons of the Legion

Can be mailed to

Ken Douglas

108 Chandler Dr.

Danville, KY  40422

  • One hat left to sell.

Activities Report

  • TALARC was on July 1
  • Next TALARC on August 4
  • August 17, NA QSO
  • VE Testing this month on July 27 at 3rd Avenue Methodist Church
  • Next breakfast at AJ/Roosters August 9
  • QSO Article will be in October issue.  Draft received for our review (see George email)

Old Business:

  • Special Event Station for American Legion 100th anniversary on October 22 – may have been moved later? Perhaps to following weekend?
  • Planning needed for Special Event Station
  • Planning needed for Bourbon Chase including who will be leading the effort.

New Business

  • Mike will check with Ken if American Legion Special Event Date has changed
  • Suggestion to try get kids interest by

Dennis motion to close business portion of meeting 1952, 2nd by John, passed by acclimation.

Tonight’s Program: Antennas by Mike May

Easy, home brew 2m/70cm dipole, PVC structure. ~30 minutes to build.

Dave Headlock, YouTube video  KE0OG (Kay-Ee-Zero-Oh-Ge)

  • 2m SWR 1.02~1.04
  • 70cm: 440MHz SWR 1.0~1.5; 470MHz: 2.06

Motion to adjourn at 2008 by Bill, 2nd by Roger Parsons, pass by acclimation