20190924 September WRARC Monthly Meeting

(Dinner had been at Giovanni’s)

Call to Order at 19:35 by Mike May

Minutes of September meeting: motion to accept, after two corrections, by Bill, 2nd

Attendees 17 (16 members, 1 guest): William Waldschmidt (W9WA), Roger Parsons (KG4VCR), Mike May (KF4FMQ), Ken Douglass (KY4KD), John Wulf (K4FT), Doug Collins (KA4SWT), Peter Rock (KJ4ND), Harold Miller(AF6MB), Scott Cooper,  Chris Galbreath (KG4UQL), George Coomer (KM4QOY), Jerry Wilson, Ray Whitehouse(KY4RW), Ken Whitehouse(N4JLT), Janie Taylor (KI6SER), Andy Rose (KI6SEP)

One guest:

·       Micky AJ4OI. Mercer County.  Has been checking into our Wednesday net

Treasurers Report by Ken


·       $35 repeater coordination dues (for 2m), 1 year


·       Dues go directly to American Legion & do not show up here.

·       Collecting dues continues.  Cash or check.  Check made out to “American Legion Post 46”

o   $30 for Legion associate members

o   $30 for full Legion members

o   $20 Sons of the Legion

Can be mailed to

Ken Douglass

108 Chandler Dr.

Danville, KY  40422

Activities Report – George

·       We were the multi-Op winner for the KY QSO Party with 38,580 points

·       This weekend: 9/28 CQWW RTTY DX Contest

·       Fri, 10/4 next breakfast at AJ/Rooster’s

·       Next TALARC Monday, 10/7

Old Business

·       Special Event Station for American Legion 100th anniversary on October 22 – special event station on Saturday, 10/19 with call sign W4L.  Also will be on air on 22nd , coincidentally our monthly meeting, from the Post.  See New Business for updated information.

·       Planning continues for Bourbon Chase.

New Business

·        Could Club sponsor training classes? – came up since last meeting.

o   Mike: KE0OG (Kay-Eee-Zero-Ohh-Gee), Dave Casler, has YouTube type videos for all 3 license classes. ~37 videos for each.

o   Mike on-line test also good resource.

o   Mike conclusion: plenty of existing resources so not worth Club’s effort to develop our own.

·       Bourbon Chase:

o   Evening of 10/18

o   Presentation tonight after business meeting.

o   Mike spoke with Judge Executive.

§  Told him desire for pavilion, power, restrooms

§  Issue is mixed ownership between City & County.  Fortunately Pavilion and restrooms are County.  Judge Executive sees no issues.

o   We had 9 people sign up tonight.  We need to do more recruiting to reach our goal of 18 as stated in last month’s Meeting.

·       Post Centennial on Saturday 10/19 (day after Chase)

o   W4L.  Can be used by anybody during the week from your home.  Pass log information to John Wulf.

o   Coordinate with John if you would like to work Event from home.

o   Tony & John will be putting together a script for those of us who want to participate.

o   Will not be at Lowes – corporate policy.

o   Chris is looking into alternative locations:

§  Waiting for answer from Tractor Supply.

§  Waiting for answer & working with Kroger.

§  Any other ideas?  Let Chris know! Not much time.

o   Will be operational on 22nd from the Post, before our next meeting.

·       Raffle of Gigapart hat among attendees, hat courtesy of Ken Whitehouse (picked it up at Hamvention)

o   John Wulf won!

Close business @ 20:08