Meeting called to order by President Mike May at 19:33

In attendance: 11 members, Chris Galbreath (KG4UQL), Danial Lubinski (KD0HYA), Doug Collins (KA4SWT), George Coomer (KM4QOY), John Lewis (WD4LEW), John Wulf (K4FT), Ken Douglas (KY4KD), Mike May (KF4FMQ), Russel Chaney (KN4OHD), Scott Cooper (KN4ZNX), and Andy Rose (KI6SEP).

The minutes of our previous meeting November 26, 2019 were taken by Mike May and posted to the Club’s email group 12/3.  Motion made to accept as posted, passed by acclimation.

Treasurer’s Report (Ken Douglas)

Starting balance (from November):


·       $40.00 Check to Post 46 to cover dues of 2 Club members who were under the Legion’s recruitment and retainment.

·       $42.39 Check HP All-In-One 3830 Printer

·       $52.77 Debit card for printer ink

Income: none

Closing balance

Activities (George Coomer)

Results of our participation in NAQP SSB contest: 90 contacts in 29 states and 5 Canadian providences. (Email from John Wulf on 1/19 with details)

VE testing past Saturday, 1/25: 4 new technicians

Monthly TALARC National D-Star Net: (for details, see George’s TALARC D-Star Net Report included at end of these minutes)

December 2, 2019: 24 check-ins (including Net Control) from 8 states and 2 Canadian Provinces

January 6, 2020: 31 check-ins (including Net Control) from 11 states

Next: this coming Monday, 2/3 at 20:00.  All are welcome to come to our shack to participate.  The net is on Reflector 56C

Reminder weekly TALARC 80M every Wednesday at 1930 at 3.829 MHz

Reminder: weekly Kentucky D-Star every Thurs at 19:00 on Reflector 56B

Reminder: weekly TALARC Quad Net every Thurs at 20:00 on Reflector XRF 757A

RTTY Contest: Saturday February 8th – CQ WW RTTY WPX   1pm – 5pm

Next Breakfast: Friday, 2/7 at 9 AM

Old Business:

Review of election results as detailed in November minutes.

All-In-One printer purchased (see Treasurer’s Report, above, for details)

Holiday dinner successful at Harvey’s with ~20 attendees.

New Business

Ken: Dennis is quite sick with viral pneumonia so unable to attend tonight.  He has worked out a resolution regarding purchasing. Discussion will be deferred until he is able to attend.

Ken: would like to purchase a new HEPA filter insert and a new pre-filter for the filter system donated to the Club by Janie & Andy. Total under $60. HEPA should be good for 1 year and cannot be cleaned.  The pre-filter is good for 6 months and perhaps can be cleaned.  There are two pre-filters per package.  Motion made by Dan & passed by acclimation.

Ken: As a result of the special event station for the Post’s Centennial, Commander Tony purchased commemorative pens that were passed out at the November meeting.  Additional pens passed out tonight for those not present at the November meeting.


·       Roger Parson’s cannot be here tonight as his stepson was in an accident and in the hospital.

·       Harold recovering from shoulder surgery.

·       Dennis viral pneumonia.

Mike: 60th Anniversary of WRARC this December.  Consider if we want to have a special event – something to think about over the upcoming months and then we’ll make a decision.

Business meeting adjourn at 20:03


·       Bourbon Chase 2019. 

o   Presentation will be posted to Club’s in the Files section

o   Summary: more runners than 2018 arriving earlier and not as evenly spread over time

·       date of Bourbon Chase 2020: October 23, 2020