Minutes for May 26, 2020 Meeting of Wilderness Road Amateur Radio Club
Meeting was virtual via Dennis’ Zoom account.
19:33 Meeting called to order by President Mike May
Attendees: 0 guests, 13 members Dennis Weiskircher (K3KZU), Ken Douglass (KY4KD), John Wulf (K4FT), Mike May
(KF4FMQ), John Lewis (WD4LEW), George Coomer (KM4QOY), Peter Rock (KJ4ND), Chris Galbreath (KG4UQL), Doug
Collins (KA4SWT), David Jewitt (KN4ZOA), David Lamb (KN4QAG), Bill Waldschmidt (W9WA), Andy Rose (KI6SEP)
Previous meeting was in February. Motion by Dennis to accept Minutes of that meeting as published, John Lewis 2nd
passed by acclimation.
Treasurer’s Report. (Note: numbers were not discussed during meeting due to security concerns and were provided
separately after the meeting)

 Web site fee (annual)
 ARRL Insurance (annual)

Next month: annual incorporation papers due in June. Ken will be working on that.
Activities Report: George
 TALARC 38 check ins from 9 states. Ken ran net from his home due to COVID-19.
 Next TALARC: June 1, Monday
 Kentucky QSO party (John) Saturday, June 6 from 1000 to 2200
o Multi stations allowed so we can all work from home
o CW, SSB, DIGI each for each band: 80, 40, 10-20 (9 all together). Need leaders!
o To participate, operators need N1MM for logging, etc.
o John willing to help everybody set up N1MM via Zoom
o ADIF file send from one shift to another.
o 40M likely the most active
 VE Session upcoming (July 25)
o Not clear if we should do it in the Post.
o No detailed information from anybody successfully running a virtual VE session.
o Virtual VE appears to take: 2x as long, 1 person at a time
 Money received from Post for trailer
 Wreaths Across America: $5 for every $15 wreath.
New Business
Dennis resolution (copy will be provided)
 Dennis has 20 years experience with non-profits: the resolutions are preemptive to protect Treasurer. The exact
text of the resolution is included in these minutes, after the meeting discussion.
o 1
st resolution: Dennis moved & 2nd by John Wulf
 Amendment by Andy to have time limit for quorum establishment. Settled on 24 hours
 Passed unanimously
o 2
nd resolution:
 Dennis moved & 2nd by George; Passed unanimously
Field Day is upcoming. As always, it is the 4th Saturday of June which this year falls 6/27 & 28.
 (see update below) Rules have not changed. Recommend everybody operated from home. 1D (operate from
home) cannot contact other 1Ds!!; 1E is emergency power/backup  can contact everybody.
 Update: John Wulf sent email to all Club members 3 days after this meeting: “Class D home stations using
commercial power can now contact each other for points during field day.
 Recommend everybody read the rules; Peter & John believe computer does not need to run off same supply as
radio UNLESS it is part of the station such as N1MM
 Submit your log to ARRL and include statement that you are a member of WRARC
Bourbon Chase 2020
 As far as we can determine, Bourbon Chase is still on.
 October 23, 2020
 What all should be in go/no decision points?
 Setting up at Bank is difficult: not much time and a lot to set up. We need to change how we do this.
o Cannot set up until Bank closes – that happens when Main St. closed at 1600.
o Need to be up and running by 1700
o Need to break work into teams with team captains, and dress rehearsals. Debrief after last year: dress
rehearsal ~9/1
o We can unload equipment from vehicles and stage it before 1600.
o Andy will propose list of teams at June meeting and ask for signups.
Club/Post membership renewal: starts in July  Ken
 Change: all dues by check, not by cash – nothing in person/minimal personal contact.
 Ken’s mailing address on QRZ
 Comment: Ken was passing cash payments to Post but was not getting a receipt.
Adjourned at 2125 following Motion made by David & seconded by John