Meeting was virtual via Dennis’ Zoom account. (Thanks Dennis!)
Meeting called to order by President Mike May at 19:31.
Attendees: 0 guests, 10 members: Dennis Weiskircher (K3KZU), Ken Douglass (KY4KD), John Wulf (K4FT), Mike May
(KF4FMQ), , Peter Rock (KJ4ND), Bill Waldschmidt (W9WA), Joel Haberman (KU4KD), Chris Galbreath (KG4UQL), George
Coomer (KM4QOY), Andy Rose (KI6SEP)

Previous meeting was July 28, 2020. Motion by Bill to accept Minutes of that meeting as published, Joel 2nd , passed by acclimation.
Treasurer’s Report. (Note: numbers were not discussed during meeting due to security concerns and were provided separately after the meeting)

 No income, no expenditures

Activities Report:
 Coffee (via Zoom): Friday, September 4
 August TALARC D-STAR Net: 31 check ins from 8 States. (See appendix for details.)
 Next TALARC D-STAR: Monday, September 7
 Thursday night American Legion XRF757A. This connection is being provided just for us, Post 46, so we’d like good participation.

Old Business:
About 50% of the members have not paid their dues!
Club/Post membership renewal:  Ken
 Change: pay all Dues by check, not by cash – nothing in person/minimal personal contact.
o Make checks out to “American Legion Post 46”
o Associate member dues are $30.
o Legion Sons are $20.
o Annual dues cover January 2021 through December 2021
 Mail checks to Ken: (mailing address also on QRZ)
Kenneth A Douglass
108 Chandler Dr
Danville, KY 40422
 Please remember to send check to Ken!

New Business
WRARC Monthly Meeting 20200825 Minutes Version 1
Ken contacted organizers of Kentucky QSO Party to sponsor award – too late, all categories already covered. They have
us on top of list for next year.
Post remains physically closed; Post leadership will review this policy in 2 weeks.
Looking for people to make presentations at future meetings: please contact Mike if you would like to present or have suggestions of topics.
Doug Collins in hospital for expected insertions of stents for heart. Instead had 6 bypasses this morning, doing well.
Blockage was 90%! New hips recently so busy recovering!
Ken Whitehouse in hospital with complications from COVID. Ray reported he is doing better today than yesterday. Tina tested positive for COVID before Ken. She is now out of the quarantine period. Believe they had been exposed prior to 8/15.
Dennis: The service provided by Zoom is changing the way people log in. Starting with our September meeting, we will need to use a password as part of our login. Password will be provided in the email that announces the meeting.

Adjourned at 2000.
Presentation by Mike May regarding tuning wire antennas by folding versus trimming and the effects that can be expected.