July 27, 2021 Wilderness Road Amateur Radio Club Monthly
Meeting Minutes.
Meeting via Dennis’ Zoom account. (Thanks Dennis!)
Meeting called to order by President Mike May at 1932.
Attendees: 12 members;
 Ken Douglass (KY4KD), Peter Rock (KJ4ND), Andy Rose (KI6SEP), Dennis Weiskircher (K3KZU) ,
Chris Galbreath (KG4UQL), Larry Roberts (WE4LR), Doug Collins (KA4SWT), Mike May (KF4FMQ),
Gene Klaus (KO4IVI), Harold Miller (AF6MB), Mike May(KF4FMQ), Will Waldschmidt (W9WA)
Previous meeting was June 22, 2021. Motion to accept Minutes of that meeting as published (via email)
by Larry, 2nd by Peter. Passed by acclimation.

Treasurer’s Report.
 Starting balance.
 ($187.65) Material for Communications Trailer
 Membership retention & recruitment from Post
 Ending/current balance.

Activities Report:
 Completed:
o Field Day Saturday, June 26 (the 4th Saturday).
o Monday, July 5 TALARC D-STAR Net: There were 42 total check-ins including Net Control
from 15 states. (See appendix for details.)
o Monthly coffee via Zoom: Friday, July 9, 9 A.M.

 Upcoming:
o Next TALARC D-STAR: Monday, August 2. Remember you can check in via EchoLink from
your computer or smartphone to either node KY4RW-L or use EchoLink’s search mode on
o Monthly coffee via Zoom: Friday, September 3, 9 A.M.
o Possible Contests:
 August 14 – Kentucky State Park, Maryland QSO Party, August 14th 1-5 pm
 August 21 – North American QSO, RTTY Beginners, both start at 1400 – FYI: no
particular WRARC participation.
o Bourbon Chase dress rehearsal: Saturday, August 28.

Old Business:
 Bourbon Chase Relay Race:
o Presentation & discussion after this meeting.
o Set mutually agreeable date for August’s dress rehearsal: Saturday, August 28
o Need more sign-ups.
 Looking for people to make presentations at future meetings: please contact Mike if you would
like to present or have suggestions of topics.

New Business
 VE Session
o Number of guest VEs showed up
o 4 showed to be tested:
 2 passed Tech,
 1 passed General & tried Extra but did not pass,
 1 passed Extra

 Club dues for 2022 are starting now.
o Full Legion members are $30 and can be paid online with a credit card www.legion.org
and click on “Renew”.
o Sons of the American Legion are $20 and can be paid by check.
o Legion Associate Members are $30 and can be paid by check.
All checks should be made out to “The American Legion Post 46” and mailed to Ken:
Ken Douglass
108 Chandler Dr.
Danville, KY 40422

 John Wulf (K4FT) moved this Sunday, August 1 to South Carolina.
 Next Monthly meeting: Tuesday, August 24, 2021 at 1930, open forum at 1900.
Motion to Adjourn by Chris, 2nd by Dennis; Passed by acclimation. Adjourned at 2014.

Minutes respectfully submitted
Andy Rose
WRARC Secretary