Wilderness Road Amateur Radio Club (WRARC)
Monthly Meeting Minutes for 28 FEBRUARY 2023 – FINAL RECORD COPY
Hybrid meeting via Dennis’ Zoom account. (Thanks Dennis!)

Meeting called to order by President Mike May (KF4FMQ) at 1930 hours EST.

Attendees: 13 attending members of 45 total:

Andy Rose (KI6SEP), Bill Waldschmidt (W9WA), Chris Galbreath (KG4UQL), Chris McCollough
(KI4WKM), Dennis Weiskircher (K3KZU), Doug Collins (KA4SWT), Gene Klaus (KO4IVI), Glenn
Ferrell (KD4AXN), Ken Douglas (KY4KD), Larry Roberts (WE4LR), Mike May (KF4FMQ), Peter
Rock (KJ4ND), Rick Flynn (KO4UHE).

Previous monthly meeting was 24 JAN 2023. Motion to accept Minutes of meetings as published (via
email) by Dennis (K3KZU), 2nd by Chris (KG4UQL). Passed by acclimation.

Treasurer’s Report:
$ Starting balance.
+$100.00 Donation from Bill W9WA in memory of Joel KU4KD
-$42.29 Annual Website domain renewal
$ Ending balance.

Past Activities Report:

o Previous Weekly WRARC OTA club net was conducted each Wednesday evening at
2000L on the club’s 2m Repeater.
o Previous WRARC hybrid monthly club meeting was on Tuesday, 24 JAN 2023 (4th
Tuesday of month).
o Previous AMLEG Post 46 D-STAR NET (1st Monday of month) was conducted on 6 FEB
o Previous WRARC hybrid Coffee Social was on Friday, 3 FEB 2023 (1st Friday of month).
o Previous Club Activity was NC & SC QSO Parties on 25 FEB 2023.

Old Business:

o IN REMEMBRANCE OF JOEL HABERMAN (KU4KD). It is with reverence and respect that
we note the passing of WRARC club member and friend Joel Haberman, KU4KD, on 19
JAN 2023 at his residence in Florida where he recently relocated. The family has 2
informed us that no services are to be held. They have also requested that any
memoriam be sent to the WRARC in his honor.
o RETURN OF FUNDS TO AL POST 46. $1200 was returned to Post 46 at their monthly
meeting on 3 JAN 2023 per WRARC Special Meeting resolution of 1 JAN 2023.
o WRARC Club Dues. 5 members have not yet paid dues & inactivity letter will be sent on
or about 1 FEB 2023.
o Club Commo SOP. Harold (AF6MB) will look into the possibility of developing a text /
phone tree system for member notification.
o Visit Canceled. The American Legion HQ President’s scheduled visit to Post 46 &
WRARC’s radio room, which had been scheduled for Monday, 30 JAN 2023, has been
canceled due to illness.
o DX Spots app. Tony (KB4TC) recommended a free mobile phone app named “DX Spots”.
o Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI), University of Kentucky. Tony (KB4TC)
presented a quick briefing on an educational program that WRARC members might be
interested in. More info can be found at: https://www.uky.edu/olli/
o The Bouvet Island DXpedition. Chris (KI4WKM) had previously sent out a groups.io
message on this event and Tony (KB4TC) reminded everyone that this would be an
exceptional QSO.

New Business:

o Skywarn Classes. Ray, KY4RW, has found a link for registration in the Weather Service’s
Skywarn classes. For those who are interested here is the address. If you haven’t taken
this class , it’s a good one to take. If you have already been to one it’s good to do again.
o Mike (KF4FMQ) will not be here for the July WRARC meeting so someone else will have
to preside.
o WRARC has volunteered to give up AMLEG hall when needed for rentals.

Future Activities:

o Next weekly WRARC OTA club net is each Wednesday evening at 2000L on the club’s 2m
Repeater: 145.310 MHz with -600 kHz offset and Split PL Code 100 Hz (i.e. 100 Hz on
both Tx CTCSS & Rx CTCSS).
o Next WRARC Coffee Social is on Friday, 3 MAR 2023 (1st Friday of month) at 0900L via
o Next AMLEG Post 46 D-STAR NET (1st Monday of month) is on 6 MAR 2023 on REF56C
via our local D-STAR repeater KM4OON, +5 MHz offset, 444.2375 MHz & no PL tones.
o Next monthly general meeting of The American Legion Post 46 will be at 1900 hours on
Tuesday, 7 MAR 2023.
o Next Club Activity is two state QSO parties, OK & Idaho, on 11 Mar at 1800Z (1300L to
1700L). Operations will be from the club site and also on ZOOM. 3
o Next WRARC hybrid monthly club meeting is on Tuesday, 28 MAR 2023 (4th Tuesday of
month) at 1930L at The American Legion Post 46 and via ZOOM.
o Next VEC Testing: Saturday, 22 APR 2023 starting at 1000L at The American Legion Post
46 building, 45 Spears Lane, Danville, KY. See http://www.wrarc.com/ve-testing/ for
details. Pre-registration is requested but not required.

Adjournment. Motion to Adjourn by Dennis (K3KZU), 2nd by Larry (WE4LR); Passed by acclimation.
Adjourned at 2006 hours EST.

Minutes respectfully submitted,
Mike May (KF4FMQ)

After-meeting Presentation:
An After Meeting video presentation on the operation of the ICOM 7300 will be given by Mike
(KF4FMQ): ICOM IC7300 A to Z – Part 6, YouTube video by Ham Radio A2Z (WA2IVD).