Minutes – Meeting February 2. 2016

The WRARC was held at the Red Cross Building in Danville with 13 people attending.Those in attendance were:KM4QOY, W9WA, KM4FRM, K4FT, KJ4ND, K4OH, KM4OLL, KM4PDI, KK4IYY, KA4SWT, WD4LEW, K4UKB, and KG4UQL.

The meeting was called to order at 7:34pm by our president John Montgomery. John asked Chris to read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were read by Chris. John asked for a motion to accept the minutes as read. Marshall McElfresh made the motion with John Lewis 2nd. Motion was approved by members.

John then asked for ken to give a treasury report. Ken gave the report stating that several members had paid their dues. John asked for a motion to approve the report. Marshall made the motion and 2nd by John Lewis.

Motion was approved by members.

_______ OLD BUSINESS _________

___ Dues Change ____

John mentioned that the raised dues was now official by vote. John asked was there any comments. Marshall said that with the change the by-laws needed to be changed to show this. John asked Chris if he could take care of this and he said he would and will have it ready for the next meeting.

____ Repeater ____

John Montgomery asked John Lewis if he was still having trouble getting into the repeater. Lewis said not at this time but still hears noise at time. Marshall reported he has been hearing the noise also. Marshall was wondering if it is the wireless internet provider that might be causing this again like before. John said we will have to look into this again.

____ Activity ____

John Wulf mentioned that the Minnesota QSO Party is this Saturday. We will be doing it from the clubs radio room. We need to put up a temp 40 meter antenna so those that want to help should be up at 10am to put it up also a limb from one of the pine trees has grown up into the beam antenna so it needs a pruning again. He hopes to have a friend come up to help with that. The contest starts at noon. All are welcome.

______ NEW BUSINESS ______

____ Next Test Session ____

John Wulf said the next Ham license testing that will be here will be April 23rd 2016. The last test session had to be cancelled due to heavy snow.

____ New Extra ____

Ken Douglass is our newest extra class after taking his test in Anderson county. Congrats to Ken.

____ Marshall’s Mother ____

Marshall told the club that his mother had passed away Monday night. Please keep his family in your thoughts. Preston-Pruitt-Spurlin in Danville. Visitation Thurs Feb 4th from 5:00pm to 8:00pm

you can go to their web site for more information.

____ Trailer ____

John Wulf asked about the clubs trailer. Marshall said that the vent cover needs to be replaced since it has a crack and can leak into the trailer. Nothing was decided on this.

Marshall made a motion to close the business meeting. John Lewis 2nd and the business portion was closed at 8:01pm.

____ John Montgomery’s New Test Equipment ____

After the business part of the club closed John gave a talk on a new mini antenna analyzer he had purchased. The little tool has bluetooth so it can link into a computer. He found a netbook to do this. The little device he has been playing with and still learning about some of the features. He made a trap for an antenna some time back and thought this would be a good test for the analyzer. By making some homemade jumpers he clipped it to the trap. The app on the computer was up and running and as he said it does a lot for its size. He hit the tab and it showed the freqs that it was best suited for. More test were done and he found the this little tool was very accurate. Tested on some antenna cable it told him how long it was and was correct. It even found that another piece had a short or problem since it showed shorter length than what was measured so it caught a bad antenna line. With the graph on the screen it showed the freqs that an antenna liked. He is still playing and learning this little tool but is a great asset to a ham that

builds their own or even buys an antenna. If you want more info google Mini VNA Pro and see all it can do. After his talk some of the new members went to see the clubs radio room with John Wulf and

some stayed in the meeting room to talk more. The members came back to the meeting room and it dawned on us that we need to figure out where to eat before the next meeting. Options were thrown around and the next place that we will eat at before the MARCH MEETING MARCH

1st is Los Radeos Mexican Rest- 240 Skywatch Drive in Danville down from Kroger on the bypass.

____ More ____

Next meeting March 1st 2016 Red Cross Building

March 12th – Wisconsin QP contest starts at noon

April 9th – Georgia QSO party CW / RTTY / SSB starts at 1pm

Check out the web site www.wrarc.com for other club and ham information.

Submitted to the members of the WRARC

by club secretary Chris / KG4UQL

Minutes – Meeting January 5. 2016

The WRARC met at the red cross building in Danville. There were 16 people attending our 1st meeting of the 2016 year. Those attending were: KM4FRM, K4FT, KK4JW, K4OH, KT4HR, KM4PDI, KK4IYY, KM4OLL, K4UKB, KA4SWT, WD4LEW, AG4MW, KF4FMQ and KG4UQL along with Bernie Hunstad and George Coomer.

The meeting was called to order at 7:40pm by president John Montgomery. John requested that the December dinner/meeting minutes be read by the secretary Chris Galbreath.

Chris read the minutes from the December meeting. John asked for a motion to approve the minutes as read. Marshall McElfresh made the motion and John Lewis 2nd the motion.

John asked for a treasury report. Ken Douglas gave the treasurer’s report. John asked if there was a motion to accept the report. Marshall made the motion to approve the report. John Lewis 2nd.

OLD Business

John said we needed to have a vote on the raising of the club dues. The current rate is $15 a year, and the proposed rate is $20 for a single membership. Additional family members and students will stay the same at $10 per person. The vote is needed to adjust and change the By-laws.

All members present approved the change in dues. ( For those that don’t know the dues are used for repeater up keep, insurance and other fees the club has to pay ). For Those That Have Not Paid their dues it is that time of year to do so. If you can not attend meetings contact

me and i’ll give you a mailing address to send to.

New Business

John Lewis mentioned that he has had trouble with noise on the repeater. No one else present has heard anything and it might be a weather related issue.

John Wulf, the clubs activity director said he has gotten a list of events for the year. Some of the events we might want to do from Marshall’s in the clubs trailer to figure out how we might want to lay it out in the future. This will have to be coordinated with Marshall and of course be weather permitting. There will be up-dates sent out to keep all parties informed that are interested. A few of these events are listed below. Feb. 6th Minnesota QSO Party- starts at noon, March 12th Wisconsin QP contest- starts at noon.

Marshall asked if we had secured a place for field day for this year. John said the site we had last year was good and asked Chris to check on this so we might get it reserved.

David Spanyer was in attendance with some of Bob Sowders ( one of our past members that passed away ) collection. These things were donated to the club by Bob’s wife to go to hams that might need them. There will be more as time goes by when the family goes through

the rest of his estate.

John Wulf said that we have a Ham Radio Test session coming up on Jan 23rd at the red cross building.

John Wulf made the motion to close the meeting. Zenah Teater 2nd and the meeting closed at 8:40pm. After the meeting closed many stayed to talk with the visitors that came.

The next meeting date will be FEB 2nd. Mark your calendar and visit our web site.


Submitted by Secretary Chris / KG4UQL