Minutes – Meeting October 4. 2016

The WRARC held it’s monthly meeting at the Red Cross building in Danville. Those in
attendance were: KG4UQL, KE4INO, WQ4Z, K4UKB, KB4UPW, K4OH, KJ4ND, KM4FRM,
The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by club president John Montgomery. John asked for the minutes from the Sept meeting. Chris read the minutes from that meeting. Marshall made the motion to accept the minutes as read. John Lewis 2nd the motion. The motion was accepted by the members.
John asked for a treasury report. Ken reported that he did get the balance of the antenna sale. This was $200.00 and has brought the club balance to $1366.92. Bill made the motion to accept the report. John Lewis 2nd the motion. The members accepted the report.
Repeater: Marshall said all sounds good.
Baluns: John said he has a few made and is testing them to see how well they preform and will keep the members up dated.
QSO Party: Sharon got a plaque in the mail and John showed it to the members. It was for the Minnesota QSO party which was
for 1st place.
GRANT: Marshall said that we were not the only ones that did not receive grant money. The soups on us which is a multi church program did not get any funds. This program feeds around 300 people.
Bike Trek: Marshall reported he did the bike trek. Members that did this event in the past never got any notice of the event.
Marshall said it was just a one day event this year and all went well but had not reports if there were any problems.
UHF Repeater: Marshall asked Sharon to remove the UHF repeater form the insurance policy. Sharon said she will look into this and was not sure if it can be removed now or have to wait till renewal time. ( For those wondering about the UHF repeater this is owned by Marshall but has used the club call sign so we had another repeater. Reason for removal is that he is moving to another state and it’s  going with him).
Club Social: Bennie said that since he is not a member not sure if the club wants to do but so clubs have weekly get togethers. Is there a way that this club could start something like this. The club members talked about this and decided to meet the 14th Oct at 9am at the McDonald’s on Perryville road. This is for coffee or breakfast to socialize more.
RTTY Contest: Ken reported that he and John Wulf did a 48hr rtty contest which was a little demanding but with some of the results
coming in they did very well and could be place high on the list.
Receive Antenna: John said he just purchased a kit for this and has some soldering to do to finish. The information says it has a 12db gain on 160, 11 on 80 and 10 on40. Hope to have it done in time for the 160 contest.
The before meeting meal will be at Fazolis restaurant in Danville on Hustonville Road. Meet at 6pm to eat which is enough time before
the meeting start of 7:30pm at the Red Cross building.
Check out the web page www.wrarc.com
Marshall made the motion to close the meeting. John Lewis 2nd the motion and the meeting closed at 8:05pm
A reminder that we have a DEC meeting meal instead of a regular meeting. Start thinking of where you want to have this so it can be
talked about at the Nov meeting. It will be here faster than you think and we will have to check to make sure there will be room at
the location that is decided upon.
Submitted to the members of the WRARC
by Chris / KG4UQL
WRARC Secretary 

Minutes – Meeting September 6. 2016

The WRARC held it’s regular monthly meeting at the red cross building in Danville. Those present
KM4PDI, K4FT, K4OH, KK4JW and W9WA. New comers that just moved to Danville KI6SER and

The meeting was called to order at 8:05pm by President John Montgomery. John asked Chris to
read the minutes from the Aug meeting. The minutes were read. Bill made the motion to accept
the minutes as read. Sharon 2nd the motion. The motion was approved by the members.

John asked Ken to give a treasury report. Ken reported that there was $666.92 in the account
before he deposited $500.00 from a partial payment from the sale of the Step-IR antenna. This
was partial due to the fact we did not know if the antenna worked as it should. The buyer reported
that it needed some parts so this is deducted from the balance. Should have $200.00 more coming
in but just got the call. The deposit now brings the balance to $1166.92. Bill made the motion to
approve the treasury report as presented. Marshall 2nd the motion. Members approved the report.

— OLD Business —
— Field Day —
No Discussion
— Repeater —
Marshall said it was ok. There was a little noise the other day that broke the squelch but was short lived.
— Tower and Antenna —
John Wulf said the antenna had been sold and gave the points of the sale as which was presented in the treasury report. The tower is still at his house and is still listed on QTH swap. He has had a few calls so we will see how it goes.
— Field Day Pics —
Marshall and Sharon both said that it has been done.
You can find them here – http://www.wrarc.com/wrarc-photos/field-day-2016-photos/
— Dayton Move —
John said it has been on the internet regular so no need to go into this topic.
— Baluns —
John said he is still playing around with these and that their are two types of baluns.
He went into details of the two and how the types of materials used in construction affected the preformance. More to come as trial and error will come up with a super unit.

— New Business —
— Member SK —
John said that we had lost a member on Aug 9th. Ed Durham KT4HR
— Multi County Exercise —
Sharon had an news story from the paper about a multi county exercise that was held in Lincoln county that included Boyle county. Sharon said we have to get the county to want us to help out in these events. Tereasa said Ed was working on this before he passed away since it was going to be held in Lincoln County.
— QSO Party —
John said the qso party held in the club station had 6 members show up and made a few qso’s but talked more than operated. They used Ed’s call to remember him.
— Grant —
Chris reported that the club did not get the grant. He read the letter from the grant board. This mentioned that there was a number of people that put in for this and just did not have the money to fund our project.
— Before Meeting Meal —
The next meeting will be held on 4 Oct 2016. Those that want to meet and eat before the meeting can be at the Guadalajara’s on Perryville Road by Bob Allens used car lot. Meet there at 6pm for the meal this will give time to eat and get to the meeting. All are welcome.

John Wulf made the motion to close the meeting. All members approved. The meeting closed at 8:50pm

Follow the club and news on our web site: www.wrarc.com

Submitted to the club by:
Chris / KG4UQL
wrarc secretary

Greater Louisville Hamfest 2016 – Bigger and Better

Mark your calendar for the Greater Louisville Hamfest coming up September 10. 2016

Greater Louisville Hamfest-2016 is packed with forums as we have the ARRL Kentucky State Convention. Three large rooms will be used for forums – the Adam Shepherd Room (48×20) and the John McDowell Ballroom (49×56) downstairs and the Henry Crist Room (46×38) upstairs. There’s plenty of seating for everyone! An elevator is available for upstairs access. This is our largest, most ambitious hamfest since 2004 – when we were first at PSCC! This is our 13th year at Paroquet Springs Conference Centre – A beautiful facility and a great staff!
Greater Louisville Hamfest-2016 is the largest Amateur Radio event of the year in Kentuckiana.

Hamfest Directions & Area Map

Talk-In: 146.700 MHz (PL Tone: 79.7 Hz) and 443.700 MHz (No PL Tone)

Paroquet Springs Conference Centre
395 Paroquet Springs Drive
Shepherdsville, KY 40165-6007

Paroquet Springs Conference Centre is just off I-65.

Going I-65 South: Take Exit 117 at Shepherdsville and turn right. Immediately get into the left lane. Turn left at the light. PSCC is on the left behind Sleep Inn & Suites.

Going I-65 North: Take Exit 117 toward Shepherdsville. Turn left and stay in the left lane. Turn left at the second stop light (at McDonald’s). PSCC is on the left behind Sleep Inn & Suites.


See more details and information here http://louisvillehamfest.com