Minutes – Meeting May 3. 2016

The WRARC held it’s regular meeting at the Red Cross building in Danville. The meeting was called to order at 7:36pm by club president

John Montgomery. Those present at the meeting were: KG4UQL, KE4SHC, KF4FMQ, KM4QOY, KM4TPW, W9WA, KJ4ND, KM4PDI, KU4KD, K4OH, KK4JW, KM4OLJ, K4FT, KM4FMR, KT4HR, WQ4Z, KE4INO, KB4UPW, K4UKB, KG4VCR, KA4SWT, KG4PIF.

John asked Chris to read the minutes from the April meeting. Chris read the minutes. Ken made the motion to accept the minutes as read.

Joel 2nd the motion and the motion passed by the members.

John asked Ken to give the treasurer’s report, which he did. Marshall made the motion to accept the treasurer’s report as read. Joel 2nd the motion and the motion passed by the members.

__________ OLD BUSINESS ___________

Repeater: John asked how the repeater was doing. Marshall said it is back on AC power. Marshall said that he and Chris made a trip

up to the site after getting a call from Ken before the net, that the repeater was down. Got the repeater back on before the net. After some

checking it was found that a power cable from the power supply to the battery had a blown fuse. Replaced the fuse and the supply was charging the battery. Marshall did some research on the Astron power supply and determined that it is not a good supply to float the battery with without doing some modifications on it. The best supply to use would be a Battery Tender. He also did some review on the DR1X repeater and found that is produces a trickle charge on the DC pair, therefore his suggestion is to just run the repeater on AC with the battery connected and if there is a power failure the repeater will automatically switch. It will be up to the club to decide what options it wants to use. Ken added that he could not get over how fast that

Marshall and Chris got the unit back up and on the air since it was 25 minutes before net time and started out on simplex and switched

to the repeater only after a minute or two.

Contest: John Montgomery asked John Wulf about the past contest. John said that the GA qso had 390 points after some CW and SSB

contacts. There is an up date to our logging software we use that can do multi contest at one time. John M. said he will up date the field



Field Day: Mike May asked if we still needed to borrow his generator a 5kw. John said yes since the older computers used a lot of power and that should work. Mike mentioned that he has gone thru his generators and found even a new one needs to be adjusted to 60 hertz. One he had gotten was a little off but has it set, the other was off a lot more. The newer kitchens and electronics in homes don’t like it if power is off and could damage products. It was asked if we could do 3A class this year. John said it was not a problem BUT we have to have people that are willing to be there around the clock to man the extra station. In the past we have done it and the radio sets there with no operator. If members are willing to commit to be on the radio at ALL stations around the clock we can do 3A. Can talk more at next months meeting to see the numbers that are going to be at this years field day.

Radio Kit: John said it is more complicated than he originally thought. It’s not a Heath Kit so the instructions are not good. He is working on it and will let everyone know when it’s done and hopes to bring it to a club meeting to show. He is trying to document step by step so anyone that wants to build one can have a little easier time on building.

__________ NEW BUSINESS ___________

QSO PARTY MAY 7th noon till 7pm this Saturday at the clubs radio room. This will get us ready for field day so come and have some


Next QSO Party June 25-26 it’s FIELD DAY !!!!!!! All are welcome, tell your family and friends to come out even if it’s for just a hour or so we can get them on the radio. If you know someone that is interested in Ham Radio let them know too.

The before meeting meal will be at Fazoli’s at 6pm.

Check out the clubs web site www.wrarc.com for any news.

Joel made the motion to close the meeting. Ken 2nd and the meeting closed at 8:50pm

Submitted to members of the WRARC

by Chris/ KG4UQL

WRARC Secretary

Minutes – Meeting April 5. 2016

The WRARC held it’s regular meeting at the Red Cross building in Danville. There were 20 people present. Those include: KG4UQL,K4UKB, KF4FMQ,KM4QOY,KA4SWT,WD4LEW,


The meeting was called to order at 7:51 pm by president John Montgomery.

John asked Chris to read the minutes from the March meeting. They were read with Marshall making the motion to accept as read. Bill 2nd the motion with the motion accepted.

John asked Ken for a treasury report. Ken gave the report and Marshall made the motion to accept the report as read. John Lewis 2nd the motion and the motion accepted.

——— OLD Business ——-

BYLAWS — John asked Chris if he had this done yet. Chris said he had the signed copy just has not got it scanned into the computer. When I get done he will send a copy to Marshall for web site. Then if anyone wants a copy he will have printed and ready to those who want a copy.

REPEATER —- John asked if anyone has heard any noise on the repeater. Marshall said he has heard some noise a couple of times but was short lived and seems to be doing fine. The repeater is on AC power and we need to decide on a power supply to get battery charging back to going. This time of year with storms we might need if power is knocked out. John said there is a 50 amp supply in the clubs radio room that should work. We have another to run radio and the larger one should charge and run repeater when needed. John told Marshall

to call so he could open the building to get supply to take to repeater site.

QSO Party —- John Wulf reported not sure off the top of his head how many contacts we made but we did get the trees cut back so antenna could be put up and beam can now move. Have a good number show up and had good time.

TRAILER —- Marshall reported that he found a replacement vent cover and it is installed. He called the company that made the trailer and gave him a part number but would have to go thru a dealer to get. Lowe’s is who They said to get it from but they have not had enclosed trailers for some time. They gave him a price which was way to high for a vent so he went online and found a match for alot less.

FIELD DAY —- Chris said Dan had emailed him and the site is reserved for our use. John mentioned that this was a good site with plenty of land for antennas and a large building to setup in. Food for this year was talked about but was finally decided for members to think about what they want to do or have and we will decide next meeting.

RADIO KIT —- John said he got it in and not yet finished yet. It is a little thing that has some intricate soldering and has had a few problems but will keep members up on the progress.


BILLS — Sharon said she had payed some bills that included the Corp papers and insurance. Had the bills laid out but just didn’t pick up.

ACTIVITY — John Wulf said that this Sat the 9th at 2pm was the Georgia QSO party and will be run from the club station here at Red Cross.

There is a test session APRIL 23rd at 10am here at the Red Cross Building.

May 7th the IN,7QP, DE,NE QSO party noon to 7pm but subject to change Location TBD

Next meeting Date is MAY 3rd 2016 there will be alot to get ready for Field Day so be ready.

Meal will be at WANDA’S in Junction City.

Submitted to the members of the WRARC

By club secretary Chris / KG4UQL

Minutes – Meeting March 2. 2016

The WRARC held it’s regular monthly meeting at the Red Cross Building in Danville with13 in attendance. Those at the meeting were KG4UQL, K4UKB, KA4SWT, KF4FMQ, KM4QOY, KM4PDI, KM4OLL, K4OH, K4FT, W9WA, KE4INO, WQ4Z and KM4FRM.

President John Montgomery called the meeting to order at 7:35pm. John asked Chris to read the minutes from the February meeting. Chris read the minutes from the Feb

meeting. John Wulf made the motion to accept the minutes as read. Bill Waldschmidt 2nd the motion and was approved by members.

John then asked Ken for the treasurer’s report. He paid Sharon for the club bills that she has accumulated and paid. Chris made the motion to accept the report. Marshall 2nd the motion and all members approved. Sharon asked if there was anything that

needed to be added to the insurance list if so let her know.


— By-Laws —

John said that Chris had up-dated the by-laws to reflect the changes in the dues. He just signed the new changes. Chris said that he will have these ready when he gets it saved in the computer and will be ready for those wanting a copy. Marshall asked for a copy so he could up-date the web site. Chris will get to Marshall.

— Repeater —

Marshall reported that the noise got so bad it had to be turned off even after adjusting the squelch. On Feb 12th it was turned back on by Doug and Chris. It was working fine until Feb 19th on the 20th he and Chris went to site to check it out. It was found out the power supply had blown a fuse. Replacing the fuse it blew again so after checking no power was coming out of the supply, Marshall brought it to the meeting so John could go

over it to see what is wrong. The repeater is up and going on ac power. The one good thing that was found out was the battery stayed up for over 6 days. It might need a larger supply that is 20-25 amps to keep it up better so the club needs to decide sometime on what it wants to do.

— Activity —

John Wulf reported that several showed up for the contest along with the antenna and tree work. Not real sure about the total contacts but all had fun talking radio.

— Trailer —

John asked about the vent on the trailer. Marshall said it needed a vent cover cause it had a crack letting in water. Chris made the motion for Marshall to buy and club pay him back. Sharon 2nd the motion. Sharon with some thoughts said that her and George will pay for it so the club didn’t have to.

—- New Business —-

Though not mentioned at meeting this will see who reads the minutes. Dan e-mailed me back to let me know the FIELD DAY SITE is reserved for us to use. June 25-26 2016 is the time so get ready for some radio fun.

Marshall had several things to bring up. He had gotten an e-mail from a gentleman in St Louis that had contacted us on field day in 2014. Has was doing worked all counties for Ky and needed Boyle county. John Wulf said he will take care of it since he has the club qsl cards. Marshall gave him the info.

The tower where the repeater is located had gained alot more antennas from wimax and might be causing a lot of our problems. So we might start thinking of a back-up to where we

might move it to if needed. John said if it gets too bad again we will have to send a letter to the FCC for help in the problem.

Marshall said that the club needs to think about finding a new web master and a place to put the trailer. John asked if there was a problem and Marshall said he is thinking about moving to

Texas, not sure how fast this will happen but he is looking at property down there already.

John said that if everybody has not read the QST it had a great story on a 40 meter QRP transceiver in kit form for under $30. He challenged all to buy and make a least one qso on this little unit. he has ordered his and waiting for it to come in. When he gets it together he will give a report. Chris said maybe this could be a project all members could do as a project at meetings to put together. This will be up to the members to decide after John gets his in.

Ken mentioned that in a past meeting it might be good to keep members up on renewal of their license. He did this and said nobody is close to time. He also said that when the repeater was down a simplex net was held which was a good learning event in knowing what your equipment can do and who you can hear. Relays were also good to learn as it might be needed.

Marshall said that with the new light bulbs coming out do your research so you don’t have a interference problem. He said the Stone Mountain repeater tower the city put up led lighting to make it a x-mas tree design this wiped out the repeater and it had to be moved. So if you have noise in home check the new stuff coming in.


Cave City Hamfest March 5th Saturday

Clubs place to eat before the April Meeting Will be Cracker Barrel 6pm April 5th

Oklahoma QSO party March 12th at club room starting at NOON

Saturday April 9th Georgia QSO Party CW/RTTY/SSB starts at 1pm Location TBD


Don’t forget to check out the clubs web site at www.wrarc.com

Submitted to members of the WRARC

By Secretary Chris Galbreath KG4UQL