Minutes – Meeting March 7. 2017

The WRARC held it’s regular meeting at the Methodist church in Danville. Those present were as follows:
KG4UQL, KF4FMQ, KE4SHC, KG4PIF, KA4SWT, KM4TPW, KM4FRM, KI4BM, KM4OLL, WD4LEW, K4OH, KJ4ND, KM4PDI, K4FT, KB4UPW and Visitors Hayleigh and Kosey Humphrey which are Chris’s grandkids.

The meeting was called to order by president John Montgomery at 7:34pm.
John asked Chris to read the minutes from the Feb meeting.
Chris read the minutes from the last meeting.
John Wulf made the motion to accept the minutes as read. Mike 2nd the motion. The motion was approved by the members.John asked Ken for a treasury report.
Don made the motion to accept the report. Mike 2nd and the members accepted the report.



John went into more details. The dues are to join the post not the American Legion they are two seperate things. IF you qualify to join the Legion you may do so. John said that the MOA had been revised to the changes that was wanted. Chris had a few printed and handed out for review by members present. Members reviewed the new MOA. Mike made the motion to approve the new MOA and go ahead with the signing and get the move started. Peter 2nd and all members approved by a showing of hands.



John asked Chris to report on a message he had gotten. Chris said he had gotten a message from Ron Goodpaster which was doing some things with CAP. The kids there want to get their ham ticket so he thought of the club to do a teaching of classes so that they can get the tech ticket. Ron said it would be a great event for the club to get public recognition. Members talked about what materials to teach from and it was decided to go with Gordon West. Chris said he would contact Ron to get a final number of kids and contact Gordon to see if there is a discount on books. Bernie made the motion for the club to do this event. Ken 2nd and those present agreed.

PLEASE READ AND RESPOND: With the move and class coming up to was talked about changing our meeting night. The CAP meets on Tue nights as does legion. The members said that the first Thurs of the month looked good but for those not present we want your input if this will work for you too. Let me know so i can get this info ready for next month to vote on.

John Wulf said that there was a plaque going around that the club won for doing the Ky QSO party.

Next month’s meeting will be at the Methodist Church April 4th 7:30pm

Next month before meeting meal will be at Applebee’s 6pm.

Breakfast get together will be at AL’s (old red rooster) Diner on main st Danville past constitution square and before post office on same side.

Submitted to the members of the WRARC by
Chris / KG4UQL club Secretary

Minutes – Meeting February 7. 2017

The WRARC held it’s meeting at the Methodist church basement in Danville.

The meeting was called to order by president John Montgomery. John asked Chris to read the minutes from the January meeting.
Chris read the minutes from January. George made the motion to accept the minutes as read.Bernie 2nd the motion. The motion was approved by the members.

John Wulf reported that the test session went well. Six people attended and 5 got their Tech ticket. The next session will be April 22nd.

Doug said that he and Chris had met with the reporter that did the fisical court meetings. This was just to give her our side of the story and let her know the whole story of how we were treated and what we had been told for months leading up to the finding out about us having to leave the Red Cross building by reading in the paper. She is now aware of how the club was treated.

John said that some members met a the building to start packing up the clubs property. The trailer held it all. The tower came down the following weekend so all our stuff has been removed. The antenna and tower is being stored at Doug’s house. The trailer is located at the legion property.

John said he had gotten a letter from the American Legion to offer a place to meet and for our radio station.

For those that attended the meeting on the move to the legion building knows there were lots of questions. I could not get everything wrote down to put here in the minutes.
The main things were do we want to move to the American Legion and the MOA along with dues. First we needed to see if the members wanted to do the move. The pros and cons were talked about so Andy made the motion for the club to move to the legion. Mike 2nd the motion. Members were all in favor.
Now the MOA, some members wanted some new language put in. Chris asked all if they had ideas for changes put them on the copies of the MOA he had handed out to everyone. Then give to John so he could meet the the legion commander to get the changes made. When John gets the new MOA he can get to Chris so he can email out to get members approval. John mentioned that the legion wants to do a big signing thing with the paper doing a story on it and what the relationship does for the community.
Now for the dues that needs more explanation. This was a big point. The dues are for joining the post not the AMERICAN LEGION that is seperate thing if you qualify and want to. John went into this but members wanted more info on this topic. So more will be coming to help all understand.

The meal before the next meeting March 7th will be held at Cheddar’s 6pm. The meeting will be held at the methodist church again starting at 7:30pm.

John Wulf made motion to close meeting. Bernie 2nd and the meeting closed at 9:40pm.

Submitted to the WRARC members.
By Chris / KG4UQL
WRARC Secretary