WRARC Minutes 28 Aug 2018

28 AUG 2018

The WRARC held it’s regular monthly meeting at the American Legion post 46 in Danville on
Spears Lane. Those in attendance were: KG4UQL, KD0HYA, KF4FMQ, KY4RW, WD4LEW,

The meeting was called to order by President Mike May at 7:30pm.
Mike asked if everyone had gotten a copy of last months minutes. All said yes. Mike asked if
there was any changes or comments. Be none is there a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes. John W made the motion with Janie 2nd. All members agreed.

Mike asked Ken for a treasury report. We have had some activity since then which was sending off the icom 718 for
repairs and have it sent back. This was $54.04 and $55.00 this included repairs and had
SERA dues at $35.00, The tech called to let him
know that nothing was wrong with the radio but was in our power cord. The issue was the
fuse holder has crimp on ends the can cause resistance in the power coming in. He has seen this many times and to fix just solder these ends. Ken said he tested this again to check out. Did not get full output so he soldered the ends and tested again and low and behold full output. Tech also said radio was in perfect shape. This is for sale to members first to help offset the purchase of Juerg’s HF radio. A new 718 runs for around $700.00 and
this radio is for sale at $400.00. Mike asked if there was a motion to accept. Roger made the
motion with John W 2nd and all members accepting.

Mike asked George for an activity report. George said we did the North American QSO
making 70 contacts. The Aug Legion D-Star net had 10 contacts from 6 states. The next
event is Sept 8th but could change so not to cause conflict with the Louisville Hamfest on
same day. He will send out info on this later. The next legion D-Star net is Sept 3rd Labor
Day on 56C. George asked Ken to explain an email he had gotten from a gentleman in
Alabama. Ken said that this person checks into the Ky Net and Legion Net and he wanted
to try to get the numbers up on the Legion Net. He will do $1.00 for every contact up to
25. Their is another gentleman that said he would do the same with this money going to
the Post 46. Ken proposed the club do the same if there was a motion to do this. George
said the post has done many things for us and he made the motion with Bill 2nd and all
members in agreement.

Ken had another Hat to give away donated by Ken W. The drawing took place with Don S
winning the Yaesu hat.

OLD Business
Mike asked John W how the last VE Test session went. John said 4 people attended with
2 getting Tech and 1 upgrading to General. The next session will be held Oct 27th.

Mike asked Chris about ARES. Chris said the ARRL is going to make it mandatory for all
ARES members to take the FEMA courses 100,200,700 and 800. Last month he asked
club members to think about if they wanted to be apart of ARES. He said for those that
wanted to sign up he had the paper work to fill out if going to be dedicated to take the courses he mentioned.

127 Yard Sale
Mike asked Andy if anyone took up his offer to setup in their yard. He said no but they
sold a few things and we on tour and got some things.

NEW Business
George introduced a guest Ruby that was working with the Bourbon Chase this year and
wanted the clubs help with doing some radio spotting of runners. This is to relay the runners
numbers as they pass to the relay point on main street. Members decided to do this event
and will have some training and planning at next months meeting and go out before hand
to check on a site to setup.

Chris said that since we voted to do this fund raiser he has the papers to give out so members can go out and get sponsors for this so after the meeting talk to him and pick up.
Chris said we are only going to do this Sept and Oct but next year he hopes a committee
can be form to start early since this is a learning thing this year.

Ken said Bill donated a laptop with Win10 on it and a donation towards the Radio we got
From Juerg’s estate.

Ken said the post commander had sent him an email about keeping the doors locked. When
we have an event members can knock on window to club can let them in. All others have to
go thru social club with a buzzer to get access. This is for safety of all people inside. It is
up to us but is a good safety issue.

Mike brought in a DIY for a power strip using power pole connectors. This was using a shallow electrical box and cover along with 12ga wire. Cheaper than a ready made power
pole strip.
Dennis bought in his Bitx and talked about the many mods he had done but the main one
was the touch screen he added. The firmware has to match and that was interesting to get
done. Mentioned the web site that has a bunch of DIY stuff it is wish.com.
Dan made motion to close Bill 2nd and meeting closed at 9:05pm

Check out the club web site www.wrarc.com for more news

Submitted to the members
WRARC Secretary
Chris / KG4UQL

Items on this page are for sale by club members. Contact Ken 859-516-3354 to purchase or add your items for sale.

Yaesu FT-897D  HF/VHF/UHF All Mode Transceiver with attached / mating Yaesu FC-30 Antenna Tuner.  Also installed are a 2.5K SSB Filter and a 500 Hz CW Filter.  Includes full-length Power Cord and the Instruction Manual.  Excellent condition.          $925      Zenah    859-325-0971


Icom   IC-718 Transceiver    Factory Inspected        $400.         SOLD


Yaesu   FT-747  Transceiver       $350.


MFJ Versa Antenna Tuner V   3Kw series Roller Inductor   Model  MFJ-989C       $150                         Joel   859-339-0414


MFJ Versa Antenna Tuner V   3Kw series Roller Inductor   Model  MFJ-989C       $150                        Roger    859-583-4586


Dentron Super Tuner   Mod  160-10AT       $60              Roger    859-583-4586


TyTera  DMR  Hand Held   Model MD380    $60 


Uniden Bearcat Portable Scanner     Model BC 125 AT          $45 


Kenwood SWR/Power Meter    Model SW-100      $40


Radio Shack Frequency Counter   Model 22-306     $50


4-Position Coax Switch           $30





Minutes – Meeting July 24, 2018

WRARC   24 July 2018    Minutes

The WRARC held it’s regular monthly meeting at the American Legion Post 46 building in
Danville. Those in attendance were: KG4UQL, KA4SWT, KF4FMQ, WD4LEW, KB4UPW,
KE4SHC, KY4KD, KG4PIF, KI6SEP and visitors KK4MJZ and Bill Corall.

Metting was called to order by President Mike May at 7:34pm. Mike asked if there was any
changes in the minutes since all had gotten by email. Being none is there a motion to accept
the minutes as presented. Bill made the motion with John L 2nd and all members approving.

Mike asked Ken for a treasury report.  Joel made a motion to accept the report and John L                                                            2nd with all members approving.

— Old Business —
BITX Radio: John W said he had ordered a board that was surface mount to help on receive.
Has not tested it yet but glad he ordered 2 since one flipped across room and is still lost. Will
give updates later. Mike said his seems fine as he has made several contacts but is behind on
updates and upgrades he sure.

DUES: Club dues are now due in July so everyone needs to get them in. A Legion member                                                             can pay him or do it online your choice. The SAL and Associate will have to pay Ken so he can
turn in. Make checks out to American Legion Post 46. Legion members $30, SAL $20 and the
Associate $30.

Field Day: Mike said we need to start looking into ways to get coax and power into building so
not to cause a tripping hazard, but there is time to address that later just think on it. Mike told
Sharon he wanted to thank her daughters again for helping Ruby on the meal held during
this event. Mike asked Ken if the committee thing was finalized yet. Ken said the commander
has it done. The Post Services Committee is to help Ruby do things for events held and the
building. This is only at this time 3 events for the year and if interested let him know so he
can get the numbers to Ruby so she can get together with you and plan future events. This
will bring your dues down to $10 if you want to join the committee.

— NEW Business —
Mike said he understood that there was an incident with our wire antennas. John and Ken said
that all is back up but the people took about 300ft of our Dacron rope. Do not know why but it
was done and the Legion is aware of it. Mike asked if we need to order more. John said we
still have plenty for right now.

Drawing: Ken drew a name for our last club hat. Peter was the winner of the drawing. Kenneth
brought in some hats from Yaesu and drew for that hat. The winner was Sharon for that hat.

VE Testing: John W said the next test session was this Saturday 28th starting at 10:00am. It
will be held here at the Legion Building.

ARES: Chris said he wants to sign up members to do emergency communications or ARES.
Before you say yes he wanted to tell of the mandatory courses that have to be taken and he
didn’t anyone signing up that was not committed to do the training. The courses are on the
FEMA website and free online to take. https://training.fema.gov then click on the online course
catalog. The courses are ics100, ics200, isc700 and ics800 it will take awhile to take and you
can take at your time schedule. He wants all to think about and will sign up people next month
with the ARES paper work and the state paper work. If interested and can’t be at next months
meeting and are willing to do the training he can sign you up at another time. For those that
have taken these courses and do not have copies of certificate you can get a transcript from
the web site above. He said he had some of the members documents already. He does need
copies for records. Anymore questions contact him.

127 YARD SALE: Andy said that his yard is for use if you have some things to sell. He said
he was not sure if they would be there or not. He could offer a pop up tent and table and                                                      located on Maple Ave which has traffic. Just let him know.

Mike said since no more business is there a motion to close the business portion of the                                                        meeting. Kenneth made the motion with Bill 2nd and the members agreeing so the business
portion closed at 8:26pm.

PRESENTATION: Mike brought up a ham stick question with 2 ham stick’s and an adapter which
make it a rotatable dipole. He had a thought about putting two or three sets together to make
a beam. He googled it and several had did this. He had a chart as an example and said it just
seemed neat and might be a good thing to do on qrp. He said he was looking at maybe making
a ham stick if he can get the wire winding figured out. Just wanted to bring it to members as a
DIY project.

Peter made the motion to close the meeting. Roger 2nd the motion and members agreed so
the meeting closed at 8:39 with members hanging around to talk.

Submitted to members by
Chris / KG4UQL
WRARC Secretary