Minutes – Meeting January 3. 2017

The WRARC meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by President John Montgomery. The WRARC held its regular meeting at the Red Cross building in Danville. Those present were: KA4SWT,  WD4LEW, KK4IYY, KM4OLL, K4FT, KM4FRM, WQ4Z, W9WA, KB4UPW, KI6SEP, K4OH, KE4INO, KF4FMQ, KM4QOY, KM4PDI, KI6SER,and KM4TPW.

Sharon, KE4INO, read the minutes from the December meeting. Bill, W9WA, made the motion to accept the minutes as read. Bernie, KM4TPW, seconded the motion and the motion was accepted by the members present.


SOCIAL: The club has started a coffee get together on Friday mornings at 9am at the McDonalds on Perryville road in the shopping center with Big Lots. This right now is every other week. The next one will be held January 13. Please note: The meeting will not be at McDonalds. It will be at Sweet Beans and Things by Subway and McDonalds on the hill near Walmart.  Quite a few amateurs show up for these socials.


John, K4FT, stated that QTH usually charges a 2 per cent finders fee when something is advertised and suggested we send them $14.00. John K4FT made a motion to this effect and Bernie, KM4TPW, seconded the motion. Motion was carried.

TEST SESSION: John, K4FT, said that the test session will be held on January 28. The location will probably be at the Third Street Methodist Church, 119 South Third Street, Danville near EMMH hospital..

Use the ADA ramp to the basement. We will send another email to confirm the location. Bernie KM4TPW stated we may be able to use the multi purpose room at the church for testing and meetings. He may have a closet to put radios in and operate. No towers can be set up at this location as there are many building surrounding the church.

John K4OH suggested asking the county for $1000 for moving expenses. The WRARC has extensive equipment including radios, bookcases, file cabinets, awards, computers, tables, chairs, etc. George KM4QOY suggested the county rent us a storage building for all our equipment. Janie, KI6SER, stated they had moving supplies we could borrow items like blankets and  hand trucks. Mike KF4FMQ and Doug KA4SWT explained that the tower is a problem. The tower will have to be cut off at base. The tower is 40 feet. There is no way it can be down by January 31.

Doug KA4SWT said he had called the reporter that had written the newspaper article on the Red Cross. He stated he told her we were incorporated as a non-profit organization under IRS 501C. He stated we had been told by a magistrate we would not have to move. Doug suggested trying to get the newspaper to do another story on WRARC and the club history including its economic impact on the local community.

He said we are at the Red Cross for communications for the county. (ARRL and Red Cross Have signed Memorandum of Understanding since 3/25/10).

Mike KF4FMQ reminded the club the 22 ft. dual axle trailer was to be used for club communication purposes and to be equipped  with  radios, etc. and to be set up as a mobile unit.

John Montgomery brought up the newspaper article about vacating the Red Cross Building. He stated a Commander from the American Legion had sent him a letter asking about disaster services. John said the club does not do disaster and emergency services and Sharon KE4INO said we always did emergency and disaster services and related about the Casey county disaster.

Sharon KE4INO gave John K4FT a QSL card from Terry, MS. She also gave Ken a bill for the SERA dues. She also reminded club members that the club license runs out this year and must be renewed.

Saturday January 7 at 10:00 there will be a walk through at the church to determine if the church would be a possibility for the club meetings.

Moving day is scheduled for January 14 weather permitting. Alternate day is January 21.

Bill W9WA made a motion to close the meeting. John WD4LEW seconded the motion and the meeting closed at 8:40  pm.

The next meeting will be February 7, 2017 at 7:30 pm. We will be eating at Fazoli’s at 6:00 pm on February 7 before the club meeting.


Sharon Griebe KE4INO

Acting Secretary for Chris / KG4UQL

Notes – Meeting December 6. 2016 – Christmas Party

The WRARC held it’s Christmas meeting at Mallards in Danville. Those present included: Tereasa Durham KE4FQL,George Coomer KM4QOY, John Wulf K4FT and Debbie, Doug Collins KE4SWT, Joel Haberman KU4KD, Zenah Teater KK4IYY, Denise Kasell (Guest), Don Stivers KM4OL and Patty, John Lewis WD4LEW, Mike May KF4FMQ George Griebe WQ4Z, Sharon Griebe KE4INO, Ken Douglass KM4FRM and Sandi Douglass, David Pleasants KM4PDI,Bennie Kessler KB4UPW, Juerg Weidman KK4JW and Claudia, Bill Waldschmidt W9WA and Cathy, Bernie Hunstad KU4TPW and Susan, Peter Rock KJ4NR and Eve, John Montgomery K4OH .

Orders for dinner started about 6:25 PM. President John Montgomery asked Bill Waldschmidt to give a blessing.
Sharon Griebe passed the November minutes around for each to read on their own. There was no treasurer report; however several members paid their dues which would increase the total..
If you did not pay your 2017 WRARC memberships at this meeting, then please send your payment of $ 20 single or $ 30 for family membership to:
Ken Douglass KM4FRM
108 Chandler Drive
Danville, Kentucky 40422

No old business was discussed.

New Business:
Tereasa Durham brought several Field Day pictures from a Field Day at George Griebe’s home around 1995.

SOCIAL: The club’s coffee get together on Friday mornings at 9am at the McDonalds on Perryville road in the shopping center by Big Lots has been a success. The next scheduled get together will be December 16. at the same location at McDonalds.

TEST SESSION: John said that the next test session will be held on January 28 around 10 AM. This will be at the Red Cross Building AT 454 South Third Street in Danville. He said he has registered the following 2017 Test dates with the ARRL.

The 2017 Schedule will continue to be the 4th Saturday every quarter beginning January 28, 2015.
January 28, April 22, July 22, October 28
Same time: 10:00am
Same Place: Red Cross 454 S. 3rd St. Danville, KY 40422
Contact VEC John Wulf at k4ft@bellsouth.net

The WRARC 2017 Planned contests are as follows:
Saturday February 4 10-10 Int. Winter Contest SSB 12 PM
Saturday March 4 ARRL Int DX Contest SSB 12 PM
Saturday April 15 Holyland DX ES OPen and More 12 PM
Saturday May 6 ARI Int DX Contest 12 PM
Saturday and Sunday June 24-25 ARRL Field Day
Saturday August 26 YO DX HFContest 12 PM
Weekend of September 23 CQWW RTTY @ K4FT home
Saturday October 7 Oceania DX Contest SSB 3 PM
Saturday November 11 Kentucky QSO Party !!

ED DURHAM ESTATE: Tereasa Durham said that she has some of Ed’s equipment for sale. If you want to buy be fair and reasonable as the equipment has been taken care of and most have boxes and manuals. Below is a list of what is available NOW. She has more but has not gone thru it. . She can be contacted at 859.339.5862 and since she works different hours leave a message or text her and she will get back to you as soon as she can.

Yaesu ft2000, Icom Dstar id880h, new signal link(for digital operations), Kenwood tm733 dual band, mfj versa tuner 962d, ameritron 811h (she thinks it’s a h), yaesu ft767, yaesu ft60, icom icr75 receiver, mini tuner, 2 dstar ht’s 1 uhf and 1 dual band, rasberry pi (ed was going to use with dstar), gap titian hf vertical antenna (you will have to take down off of deck) and a dipole wire antenna. For those car people, she has his Mustang GT with less than 40,000 miles. New tires and battery last year. Manual trans. Folks i have ridden in this and it is a runner.

Again the new WRARC Club Officers will take office in January 2017
President – John Montgomery- K4OH
VP – Mike May – KF4FMQ
Treasure – Ken Douglass – KM4FRM
Secretary – Chris Galbreath – KG4UQL
Activity Dir – George Coomer – KM4QOY

Board of Directors:
Doug Collins – KA4SWT
Joel Haberman – KU4KD
George Griebe – WQ4Z
William (Bill) Waldschmidt – W9WA

The next dinner before the WRARC meeting will be at Cheddars in Danville at 6:00 PM.

Submitted to members of the WRARC
by Sharon Griebe KE4INO
Acting secretary for Secretary Chris / KG4UQL

2016 Field Day – 2016 KY QSO Party results

2016 ARRL Field Day results

W4CDA ran 3A in 2016 and out of 324 entrees in the nation for this class we finished 100.
In KY there were 31 total entrees in all classes and we finished 13th overall.
In KY 5 clubs ran 3A and we finished 3rd.

We had a final score of 3004 points with 588 contacts.
Well Done WRARC!

In 2015 we had 19 participants, in 2016 we had 30!
Can’t wait till next year!

2016 KY QSO Party

W4CDA ran from 9 Am – Noon at the club station. The final results are not yet out.
We had 69 Contacts in 24 states and 9 counties for a claimed score of 3,701
Participants were K4FT, K4OH, KM4QOY, KM4FRM, KE4SHC & KA4SWT