WRARC Minutes Jan 28th, 2020

Meeting called to order by President Mike May at 19:33

In attendance: 11 members, Chris Galbreath (KG4UQL), Danial Lubinski (KD0HYA), Doug Collins (KA4SWT), George Coomer (KM4QOY), John Lewis (WD4LEW), John Wulf (K4FT), Ken Douglas (KY4KD), Mike May (KF4FMQ), Russel Chaney (KN4OHD), Scott Cooper (KN4ZNX), and Andy Rose (KI6SEP).

The minutes of our previous meeting November 26, 2019 were taken by Mike May and posted to the Club’s email group 12/3.  Motion made to accept as posted, passed by acclimation.

Treasurer’s Report (Ken Douglas)

Starting balance (from November):


·       $40.00 Check to Post 46 to cover dues of 2 Club members who were under the Legion’s recruitment and retainment.

·       $42.39 Check HP All-In-One 3830 Printer

·       $52.77 Debit card for printer ink

Income: none

Closing balance

Activities (George Coomer)

Results of our participation in NAQP SSB contest: 90 contacts in 29 states and 5 Canadian providences. (Email from John Wulf on 1/19 with details)

VE testing past Saturday, 1/25: 4 new technicians

Monthly TALARC National D-Star Net: (for details, see George’s TALARC D-Star Net Report included at end of these minutes)

December 2, 2019: 24 check-ins (including Net Control) from 8 states and 2 Canadian Provinces

January 6, 2020: 31 check-ins (including Net Control) from 11 states

Next: this coming Monday, 2/3 at 20:00.  All are welcome to come to our shack to participate.  The net is on Reflector 56C

Reminder weekly TALARC 80M every Wednesday at 1930 at 3.829 MHz

Reminder: weekly Kentucky D-Star every Thurs at 19:00 on Reflector 56B

Reminder: weekly TALARC Quad Net every Thurs at 20:00 on Reflector XRF 757A

RTTY Contest: Saturday February 8th – CQ WW RTTY WPX   1pm – 5pm

Next Breakfast: Friday, 2/7 at 9 AM

Old Business:

Review of election results as detailed in November minutes.

All-In-One printer purchased (see Treasurer’s Report, above, for details)

Holiday dinner successful at Harvey’s with ~20 attendees.

New Business

Ken: Dennis is quite sick with viral pneumonia so unable to attend tonight.  He has worked out a resolution regarding purchasing. Discussion will be deferred until he is able to attend.

Ken: would like to purchase a new HEPA filter insert and a new pre-filter for the filter system donated to the Club by Janie & Andy. Total under $60. HEPA should be good for 1 year and cannot be cleaned.  The pre-filter is good for 6 months and perhaps can be cleaned.  There are two pre-filters per package.  Motion made by Dan & passed by acclimation.

Ken: As a result of the special event station for the Post’s Centennial, Commander Tony purchased commemorative pens that were passed out at the November meeting.  Additional pens passed out tonight for those not present at the November meeting.


·       Roger Parson’s cannot be here tonight as his stepson was in an accident and in the hospital.

·       Harold recovering from shoulder surgery.

·       Dennis viral pneumonia.

Mike: 60th Anniversary of WRARC this December.  Consider if we want to have a special event – something to think about over the upcoming months and then we’ll make a decision.

Business meeting adjourn at 20:03


·       Bourbon Chase 2019. 

o   Presentation will be posted to Club’s groups.io in the Files section

o   Summary: more runners than 2018 arriving earlier and not as evenly spread over time

·       date of Bourbon Chase 2020: October 23, 2020

WRARC Minutes Nov 26th, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 1935 with the following 16 members and 3 guests attending.

Mike May KF4FMQ, Ken Douglas KY4KD, William Waldschmidt W9WA, Dennis Weiskircher K3KZU, Daniel Lubinski KD0HYA, Doug Collins KA4SWT, John Wulf K4FT, John Lewis WD4LEW, Ron Gaddis AC4NE, Ray Whitehouse KY4RW, Roger Parsons KG4VCR, George Coomer KM4QOY, David Lamb KN4QAG, Scott Cooper KN4ZNX, Ronald Malinowski, Jr WX4GPS, Ken Whitehouse, Sr N4JLT and guests John Scarpa KN4ZNY, Thomas Demond W9LRR and Post Commander Tony Cromwell.

Mike asked if all had read the minutes from the 10/24/19 club meeting and if there was a motion to accept them as published.

Motion made by: Dennis Weiskircher

Seconded by: John Wulf

Members approved the motion

Treasurer’s report: October balance               

November Deposits                                               $250.00

November Expenditures                                            $0.00

November Balance                                            

Activities Report: November DSTAR Net on 11/4. 33 check-ins from 8 states. W4L special event check in total was 1,797 from 50 states and 35 countries

Future events ARRL 10M contest on 12/14 and a VE test session at 10:00 on 1/25/20 at the post.

Old Business: Mike gave summary of the new business as published from the 10/24/19 meeting notes

New Business

Tony Cromwell, Post 46 Commander, offered thanks to the club members on their participation in the 100th birthday celebration for Post 46. Tony gave remembrance of his receipt of a pen from his service days in satellite tracking for nuclear tests during the Cold War. He then distributed commemorative pens to the club members for the W4L special event station for the birthday celebration.

Tony also presented an award to John Wulf, K4FT for the most contacts made during the W4L special event.

Elections were held for 2020 club officers with 16 of 39 registered members present.

The election results were:

President: Mike May

Nominated By: Ken Whitehouse

Seconded By: Bill Waldschmidt

Motion made to end nominations by: Ken Whitehouse     

Seconded by: Dennis Weiskircher

Elected by acclamation

Vice President: Chris Galbreath

Nominated By: Ken Douglass

Seconded By: Roger Parsons

Motion made to end nominations by: Bill Waldschmidt

Seconded by: Scott Cooper

Elected by acclamation

Treasurer: Ken Douglass

Nominated By: Ken Whitehouse

Seconded By: Bill Waldschmidt

Motion made to end nominations by: Ken Whitehouse

Seconded by: Dennis Weiskircher

Elected by acclamation

Activities Director: George Coomer

Nominated By: Dennis Weiskircher

Seconded By: Dan Lubinski

Motion made to end nominations by: Dennis Weiskircher

Seconded by: Dan Lubinski

Elected by acclamation

Secretary: Andy Rose

Nominated By: George Coomer

Seconded By: David Lamb

Motion made to end nominations by: John Lewis

Seconded by: Dan Lubinski

Elected by acclamation

Director: John Wulf

Nominated By: Ken Whitehouse                                     Seconded By: John Lewis

Motion made to end nominations by: Ken Whitehouse

Seconded by: John Lewis

Elected by acclamation

Director: Ray Whitehouse

Nominated By: Ken Douglass                                             Seconded By: John Lewis

Motion made to end nominations by: Ken Whitehouse

Seconded by: John Lewis

Elected by acclamation

Ken Douglass requested that the club purchase a new all in one printer/scanner to replace the two printers currently in the club room.

A motion to purchase a printer/scanner and replacement printer cartridges was made by Ken Whitehouse and seconded by Dennis Weiskircher.

Members approved the motion.

Mike asked about having a standing approval of some dollar amount to be used for club purchases with an agreement of another club officer(s). Dennis asked what the club by-laws say about what approvals are required for club expenditures if anything. Mike will look at the by-laws for any information and shelve the question until the next club meeting.

The next scheduled club meeting falls on Christmas Eve. It was decided that that it will be cancelled. The Secretary will be asked to send out a poll for an informal pot luck meal or a meal at a restaurant to see what kind of favorable response is received.

The December breakfast is scheduled for 9:00 on 12/6 at The Red Rooster.

The meeting was adjourned around 8:30.

Minutes taken by Mike May as Andy was out of town.

WRARC Minutes Oct 22nd, 2019

(Thanks to Chris for taking and publishing the minutes!  Janie had gal bladder surgery the day before preventing my attendance. Andy)
Before the regular monthly meeting some members came in early to join in on the Post’s 100yr birthday. We had cake along with ice cream. Fellowship with other legion members followed.

The WRARC held it’s regular meeting at the post. with members KF4FMQ, KY4KD, W9WA, K3KZU, KU4KD, KG4UQL, KA4SWT, KJ4ND, K4FT, WD4LEW and N4JLT with visitors David Jewett and Post Commander Cromwell.
The meeting was called to order by President Mike May at 7:35pm.
Mike asked if all had read the minutes form the Sept meeting is there a motion to dispense the reading and accept the minutes. Kenneth made the motion with John L 2nd the motion. Members approved the motion.

Mike asked Ken for a treasury report. He paid $50 to sponsor a plaque for the Ky QSO party. Deposited $23 from the sale of the last hat. The hats sold we made a whole $4. A deposit is forthcoming since he just got a donation from Bill W for $250.

Mike asked for a activity report. Ken reported for George that the Dstar net on Oct 7th had 31 check-ins  from 8 states. The veterans after net was also held. The next Dstar net will be at the club on Nov 4th. Saturday  Nov 16th at 1-5pm will be the ARRL SSB sweepstakes in the club room.

OLD BUSINESS Training: Mike mentioned some members asked about training to get their ham ticket or upgrade. Mike said he told them about KE0OG you tube training on all classes and ham test online. If there was aspects of the materials they had trouble with members could help further.
Bourbon Chase: Mike said the chase has come and gone with a few technical glitches but the mission got completed.

Special Event: John sent out a script to use for the event.

NEW Business: Tony post commander had some mementos to show support for what we had done to assist the post. He presented a pen set with W4L to remember the birthday event. He has another one that will go to the one that makes the most contacts. He gave a big Thank You for all we did for this celebration.

Mike said that Nov is election time so we have Officers and 2 Directors to vote on. Ken said he would like for someone to take treasure but would do one more year but needs help since he does web page also.

Mike asked for a motion to close the business portion of the meeting. John L made the motion with Peter 2nd so the business portion closed at 7:54pm.

Members asked for more information on how the chase went. Mike said runners came earlier than they were suppose to. This got things behind and with technical problems we had a slow start but in the end it worked out. Peter said the runners commented on the projector giving runner numbers and no one does this on the 200 mile route but us.
Meeting closed at 8:52pm

Submitted to WRARC Members by Chris KG4UQL.