WRARC Minutes Feb 26, 2019

20190226  February WRARC Monthly Meeting

12 Attendees: Mike May, Ken Whitehouse, Dan Lubinski, Bill Waldschmidt, John Lewis,  George Coomer, Andy Rose, John Wulf, Doug Collins, Ken Douglas, Russel Chaney, Chis Galbreath

Called to order by Mike May @ 1931

Minutes: motion to accept as published

Treasure’s Report. (Ken Douglas)

  • Rebate of $100 for new Icom 7300 has not arrived yet.
  • $50 check mailed to Kentucky QSO Party Plaque Fund.  Turns out we won the plaque we’d purchased!
  • Purchased flowers for delivery to Bennie’s widow, Ellen, for $31.80.  Thank you card from her, passed around.
  • Wreaths Across America gave the Club a $50 rebate for finding sponsors for the wreaths.

Activities (George Coomer)

  • D-Start Net:
    • 25 check-ins from 7 states;
    • 3 people had questions for VA advisor, a new resource attendee here.
  • April 23 & 24 film crew.  Writing an article for CQ how an Amateur Radio Club interfaces with the Legion at a Port.  Likely will be on Legion web site as well.
    • As many operators who are Legion members: wear Post & Ham clothing.
    • Will be our April meeting instead of our standard business.
    • Want lots of Club members & Post members as well.
    • Be nice if we can order and receive hats in time for this.  (Will send 2nd email)
    • CQ is world-wide

Old Business:

  • 3rd year in a row we won same class in Ky QSO Party. Multiple Operator Fixed station
  • Ken W’s donated SD card is installed and working in the 7300.
  • Morning after American Legion Post 42 visited us from Bardstown, one of them called to keep an eye open for his keys.  A bit later he & Ken talked again & he had found them.
  • Hats: 5 desired so far, 2 more in meeting (John & Russell)
  • Ken D:
    • Phone call from Bennie’s widow asking if the Club could help sell his gear
    • Radio Shack SWR & power meter;  New price was ~$50, selling for $15. Covers 3-30MHz, switchable up to 2kW.
    • Kenwood 2m-only, 65W. Still in production $130 used, new $150-$200; sell for $95 including remote speaker. Model TM 281A including power cord (no mounting bracket, no programming cable)
    • TS530 Kenwood transceiver with some cosmetic issues – needs sanding of case & touchup painting.  Going used $250~300; sell for $100-150.  AC power needed as tube final 120 W on lower bands.

Adjourn business at 2001 (motion by John Lewis, 2nd by Chris)

Program: Mike May. How to build your own 300 ohm twin lead roll up jpole antenna.  (following for details, lessons learned)

WRARC Minutes Jan 22, 2019

20190122 WRARC Monthly Meeting

Called to order by Mike at 1933.

15 attendees: Ken Douglas KY4KD, Russel Chaney KN4OHD, Dennis Weiskicher K3KZU, John Lewis WD4LEW, John Wulf KYFT, Peter Rock KJ4ND, Ken Whitehouse N4JLT, Roger Parsons KG4VCR, Doug Collins KA4SWT, Chris Galbreath KG4UQL, Mike May KF4FMO, Andy Rose KI6SEP, George Coomer KM4QOY, John Modlin KT3K, Bill Waldschmidt W9WA

Minutes from November approved (there was no formal December meeting)

Treasurer’s Report (Ken Douglas)

$1,129.95 price for 2nd Icom 7300 + 30A power supply.  Cash from treasury will be only $59.  Breakdown:

$450 from sale of Icom 706 MKII to Janie & Andy

$400 from sale of Icom 718 to Ken Douglas

$100 donation from Bill Waldschmidt for 7300

$100 rebate due. 

  $20 Ken Whitehouse donation for 7300

Activities Report (George Coomer)

Recent DStar. Down from previous but conflict with NFL playoff.

Next DStar at 2/4/19 at 2000

Requested ideas or special interests for upcoming activities.

Old Business:

In our last regular meeting, November, Ken D mentioned an email from the Berea check-in group expressing concern they had not heard from John Lewis for some time & wanted to know if he was OK.  John is hale, hearty and in attendance tonight!

New Business

                Guest of George Coomer: KT3K, John Modlin. 15 year Danville resident.

Kentucky QSO Party. Club has opportunity to sponsor a plaque for $50 for all expenses including shipping.  10 categories for placks. Dennis forward, 2nd, passed by voice

Need another micro SD card for 2nd 7300.  Ken Whitehouse has one to donate.


Ken D: Post 42 in Bards County has a group of hams would like to do something similar to what we do here.  Some of them visited here recently and were very impressed with our shack and its equipment.  First issue is that Post 42 does not have a facility.  (They meet in the library)

Christmas Party

·         Good turn out from Club

·         Hand hold in circle by all attendees – so many people they half filled room!

·         Except for ham club, all others went to bar to watch game!  Hams stayed and ate 😉

Discussion on how individual members can get Legion hats – all the one obtained by Tony have been given out.

·         Agreed it would be nice for all to have a hat when we attend events as well as when we support public events (such as the Bourbon Chase Relay Race)

·         Send email to all members to determine interest for Legion/Club hats => if a larger quantity of hats is ordered it helps with discount.  If >=12 around $20 each.

·         Probably want all in same color.

·         Hats will be embroidered with the WRARC-W4CDA above the American Legion logo and POST 46 DANVILLE, KY beneath (see attached)

2008 Business Meeting Adjorn @ 2008


Power Point presentation explaining the Club starting a Group on “groups.io” for emails as well as potentially for file posting.  Presentation will be posted to the Group’s file section

Suggestion made by several that the Invite to join should be sent out again with an explanation that the Invite is for our Club and is replacing the hand maintained email list.