Minutes – Meeting August 22. 2017

The WRARC held it’s regular meeting at the American Legion Building on Spears Lane in Danville. Those in attendance were: KG4UQL, K4FT, KM4FRM, KM4QOY, N4JLT, KB4NST, KM4PDI, KB4UPW, WD4LEW, KE4SHC, KG4PIF, KA4SWT, KG4VCR, AC4NE, WQ4Z, KE4INO and K4OH.
The  meeting was called to order at 7:32pm by president John Montgomery. John asked Chris to read last months minutes. Chris read the minutes from July. John Wulf made the motion to accept the minutes. Sharon 2nd the motion. Members accepted the minutes as read.
John asked Ken for a treasury report. Sharon made the motion to approve the report. Ken Whitehouse 2nd the motion and all members approved.
Chris said he had gotten an email from Thomas with a problem he was having after some of his equipment went down.
He was trying to record the event using his drones. Chris said he tried to get a response from hams in western Ky to help but did not get a response from any.
John asked George Coomer about the BSA radio station. George said the event was over.
John asked if anyone had seen or talked to Ron. No member had.
Almost all members present had made it to the before cookout. Had Burgers and Hot Dogs with some members bringing chips,Baked Beans, Potato Salad and Desserts. Fellowship was good as we got to talk and eat together before meeting.
John Wulf said that the club will be doing a contest from the club station 0n the 26th Aug which is THIS SATURDAY starting at NOON. This is a DX contest which is the YO Romanian contest.
John asked if anyone has heard any noise on the repeater. No one had.
John asked Chris to tell about what he was doing. Chris said that he had a letter drawn op to send to local businesses and companies to get donations. This was set at different levels of what was given. The funds are needed to start on the trailer since we only have our dues to fund things and this is well beyond what we take in or have. He said he has sent out 100 and has another 100 to send out but checking to make sure he has the right mailing address since some he has found have p.o. boxes and do not get mail at there address.
John Wulf said the next test session will be held on OCT 8th at the Methodist Church in Danville. Next year we will start doing this at the Legion Building.
Ken said the next coffee get together will be SEPT 15th at AJ’S next to the post office in Danville starting at 9:00am
Sharon said it’s almost time to update the SERA info. Chris said that she want to put or check that we do have a fusion repeater. He noticed that the repeater journal has a list of different digital repeaters now. She said she might have to call him to remind her what needed to be done. Also the dues will be coming up too.
Ken said that the American Legion has a d-star net on the 1st Monday of the month. This month we had 7 members check-in to the net. National was blown away that the post had that many checking in.
Ken Whitehouse said that he took care of the Ky reflector and that there is a Ky d-star net on Thursdays at 7:00pm on 56B.
The next before meal will be at Applebee’s in Danville at 6:00pm. Some said that they are going early since they have a half price appetizer deal before 6pm so they want to get so wings before the meal starts at 6pm.
Ken Whitehouse made the motion to close the meeting. John Wulf 2nd and the meeting closed at 8:18pm